Kahek And The Seven Brothers
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From the start, Kahek ruled the stars, He hefted the planet and gazed unto it. His Voice1 led all, and He ruled benevolently from His chair above Um'Rahak.2

In His power, He created the first humans, The Seven Brothers; Umla - Who rose the crops and birthed the animals, Talme - Who focused the Sun and bought down water from Um'Rahak, L'ma - Who led the night and all who bask in it, Du Samati - Who Meditates Night and Day, Tak'aw - Who enriched the land and formed the mountains, De'se - Who gave voice to all of Kahek's creatures, and Ve, the unspoken. Ve is the Unrighteous Son, who if not satiated in His thirst for praise, will prowl the land and kill Kahek's righteous.

Kahek marveled upon His Sons, even Ve, who disregarded His Father and killed all with glee. Kahek was angered with this, and Ve fled, escaping Kahek's wrath, and to this day He kills any who do not praise Him.

Kahek created Six Daughters for His Six Righteous Sons and they populated the land creating the cities and the farms, and Kahek was pleased.

Kahek, retreated from the Plane of Men, using His Voice to tell his Sons 'Guide the Earth and all who Live upon it, Do how you shall to stop Ve, but until then, Never stop Praising Him.'[Sic]

The Six Righteous Sons followed His Word, and They led the Varied Folk.

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