Katherine Wolff's Journal
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Drawing of Katherine Wolff.


Katherine is an engineer born 1878 in a world where magic is common but a branch of the government called the Department of Thaumaturgy Control (DTC) enforces a law that forbids any type of magic or magical creature. The DTC has jurisdiction in all of the United Kingdom, specially in the city of London.

Katherine is the daughter of a Norwegian father and an English mother. She has red curly hair and blue eyes. Her father was also an engineer and the person from whom she learned her craft. Her mother was a big supporter of the DTC and slurped up all their propaganda. After a while, Katherine leaves her home for the city — London.

She wants to be an engineer like her father though of course, being female makes this difficult so she dresses and pretends to be a man and tries her luck that way. After struggling to find employment, she stumbles upon J. London who hires her as his assistant. She later learns that he doesn't care whether or not she has balls so no longer has to pretend to a man.

Now, Katherine writes about the magical world she recently discovered through London, with descriptions and diagrams of the creatures and magic she encounters; essentially a journal/record. Throughout her journal are notes, anecdotes and diary entries that reveal her background and the workings of the world around her, including aspects of daily life and details on the actions taken by the DTC.



Katherine's stories are usually about magical creatures from English (or other) mythology but it can also feature an item or a concept as the main topic. There's a title indicating that it's her journal and a subtitle named after the creature she's writing about. Following that, there's a short description of it or its origin.

This is a template you can use to start your entry:


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A small summary of the creature.


After that, there's usually a story from her point of view, delving into the creature's nature. Most of the time, the story is affected by the DTC, taking an active or passive influence through the story. Don't forget to add your entry to the list in this hub.


This character was made by YellowBlueSixtyFourYellowBlueSixtyFour, whatisgonewhatisgone and NyeloNyelo for Wandercon 2021.
The drawing of Katherine was provided by YellowBlueSixtyFourYellowBlueSixtyFour's sister.
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