Keep out area of the resident punk
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It's not uncommon for people to lose their precious trinkets in the Library. Luckily for the poor fools, thieves are unwelcome here. A kleptomaniac will really rarely go unpunished, and our Patrons are good hearted enough to help return what was lost…For the most part that is.

Now it is your turn to be a good samaritan.

Searching around the never ending halls, you found something of interest, peeking almost unnoticed from an undisclosed corner:
A really hefty notebook, and no one around to claim it.

Déjà vu shivered down your spine, a sense of familiarity when you got closer and picked it up as curiosity took the best of you. You definitely have seen this before, but where?
A quick run through, and it appears most if not all its pages are filled to the brim with colorful scribbles, as well as notes and loose papers all
over the place. Its owner seemed to be an artist at heart, albeit an extremely messy one. How cute.

The very first page showed this:


A clear warning for strangers, and a name in stylish caligraphy. A monstruous jaw greeting whoever opened it.

A jaw…


…Ah, of course is Maw's. Who else?

You'll return this next time you meet them. It's the least you could do, of course.

On the meantime…Well, a little peak never hurt nobody, didn't it? Let's see if they wrote or drew something new since last time.

☆⋆꙳⚝ I like drawing myself when I'm bored. I think is fun, even if I look like shit 24/7 (╥ᆺ╥;)

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