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5th March, sunny

Today Mom brought home a pot of kitty, said it was bought with difficulty.

Kitty looked small, and her eyes not opened yet, guess she was tired.

Mom said it was because kitty has just sprouted, more watering and sunlight would make her better.

How would kitty look when it grows up? Want to see.1

9th March, cloudy

Kitty's eyes have opened, and she can meow when she sees people, great!

I touched kitty's head, and kitty licked my hand, it was pricking, but I was happy.

I watered kitty a bit, and went to school.

Not happy going to school, good for kitty no need to go to school.

How good would it be if i were kitty.

14th March, cloudy

Kitty is now as tall as me when putting on the table, and the head as big as my fist.

Mom says kitty has grown up, and will only be this big in the future, not growing anymore. Perhaps she could start flowering in a few days.

Is kitty an adult? I head from Teacher that plants flowering means that they are going to have babies, would I have a little kitty soon?

Mom didn't answer, but it must be, for kitty meowed so happily.

I will also have to take good care of kitty.

17th March, sunny

Kitty has flowered, there are yellow, white and black ones, totally 7 of them.2

Mom cut off the top bud of kitty, said this way kitty can have more flowers, but kitty kept meowing sadly. Poor kitty, it must hurt.3

I had a fight with Mom, Mom said I was a kid and didn't know anything. Mom was the one who didn't, not considering kitty's feelings for even a tiny bit.

Mom is cruel.

21st March, sunny

Kitty looks sick, tired, and not calling anymore.

Mom said she lacks sunlight, a plant should get more sunshine, and then moved kitty out, and flexing kitty to the neighbours.4

The neighbours were all talking about how kitty didn't have her top bud, Mom got angry and said they were ignorant, and didn't mind them.

Kitty held its head down, didn't call.

I have a bad feeling.5

24th March, cloudy

Kitty's dead.

Kitty's head has shrunk to a ball and fell in the pot, and all the flowers have fallen.6

Mom was angry and hit me, said it must be me who have done something to kitty that killed it, but I know, it was only because she cut kitty.

Not happy, it's all Mom's fault, Mom's always like this.

Wanted a kitty.

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