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Astrobiologist, Interdimensional Cryptozoologist, Astrocryptologist, Astro- crypt- zoologist?

or: I Don't Give Two Fuchs: The Hub

Who is she?

Well, in summation, Lady Fuchs is a rather shadowy figure. Literally. She originates from someplace unknown, but has never returned home for a visit. Her daily life consists of the exploration of far-off-worlds, the documentation of their wildlife, and the examination of the ecosystems which have formed around them.

She welcomes avid Library-goers to pick up a volume from her expansive collection, and learn a little bit at a time about some of the most fascinating, weird, and generally flavorful life which exists in the known and unknown multiverse.

The Fuchs Collection

All of the fine Lady's works, sorted alphabetically.

But how can I contribute?

Fuchs' works do not follow much of a consistent visual format; do not be afraid to try out whatever formatting or visual styling you so please.

When writing a Fuchs article, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have I read the Hub? (Well?)
  • Have I read the existing Fuchs articles?
  • Am I a good person?

It is also important to keep in mind that:

  • Fuchs uses she/her pronouns, but is canonically genderfluid/genderless,
  • Her home/place of origin no longer exists; the reasoning for this is to remain murky,
  • Her design (which, for now, only exists in our collective subconscious) is visually inspired by shadow puppets and their ability to ‘shapeshift’; Lady Fuchs is a shapeshifter,
  • Fuchs is better than you in every possible respect.

Hope this helps! Good luck! Happy… fuchs-ing!

This is an awful name.

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