Lampyra, the Watcher
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Posted 29 Jan 2021


There was once a young woman named Lampyra, who no longer exists. Her original name could hardly have been considered noteworthy amongst the crowds. Lampyra lived right here, in The Wanderers' Library, after renouncing ties to her former bonds. She is survived by her phantasmal feline, Buckwheat, who loved her dearly.

It is in the nature of the Library and Her Archivists to document all information that enters through Her Doors and finds shelter with the wanderers resting in Her hearth. There is nothing, nothing, that can shadow the Light of All Worlds. While characters of questionable ontology prove much more difficult to track down, even they can rest safely under the purview of the Library. For it is in Her providence to catalogue all, and for all to bask in Her catalogue.

By that rite, information surrounding Lampyra has been detailed in this informational space for your reading pleasure.

A symbol associated with Lampyra.

Relevant Works

We, The People's Sub-Ministry of Misplaced Artifacts and Miscellaneous Rediscoveries, believe Lampyra had a particular fondness for the following works, and indeed, was vital to their retrieval. We found them, filed in a Shelf, at the former HQ of a group she was aligned with — known as The Watchers.


~ Cave Story ~

2020 Wanderers' Depths Contest, First Place

They pass through me now, pacing over my chalky shale slabs and touching them with shaking, olive-toned tentacles. At least, I think that is what they are; they end at rounded points, and wriggle in two sets of five short lines. Now and then, their thin, supple digits pulsate upon my mighty vertebral stalagmites.

~ Interplanetary Colonization ~

Now, after millions of your ancestors travelled to the stars and billions have been born light-years from your natal home, each world reverts into tribalistic ways. Centuries of expansion have exposed the guilt germinating for generations. Settled stellar systems sit in abeyance, split from their source by the uncountable, unfathomable stretches of Space and Time.

~ I'll Take You to the Parashops ~

To Be Updated

She glances about, eyeing specific close-ups. There are glow-in-the-dark honeybees with sparkler stingers, snakes with translucent balloon-like sacks which secrete a whisky-like substance, a pair of giraffes almost fully camouflaged in an exotic jungle, and alligators with naturally occurring tailbone spears. She laughs in earnest at some sights.

~ Talk of the Town (Collab Log) ~

Last Light Canon

We also recite poetry (At dusk) (And also at dawn — if you were curious) (I like making up my own Kyrielles) (It's my favourite type of poem) (Though I'm not too sure where it originated) (I recite 'em in honour of Imperia of the Noctilucent Bands) (My eternal goddess and favour'd saviour deity) (Oh, She's just the best).

~ The Foolish One ~

Giucà was a cunning and odious one, but within his core of intellect you will find naught but cobwebs and scurrying little spiders. Often, he was sent along into the towns to do things for his old mother, who spent much of her youth and adulthood polishing the domiciles of the rich, breaking her back.


Additional Information

We, The People's Sub-Ministry of Misplaced Artifacts and Miscellaneous Rediscoveries, would be remiss if We did not detail the background behind the group in question, The Watchers,1 so they may also be honoured.

The Watchers of The Lost Glade

The Watchers were a Serpent's Hand cell that settled in and ran operations out of the far reaches of The Wanderers' Library. They were a small association of no more than 30 members, composed of two or more existing Hand-allied groups with closely aligned ideals, who came together under a common banner. Lampyra, after experiencing a rude awakening to the existence of the paranatural during a feud within her family, is believed to have found her way into the group (and the Library at large) sometime during this merger. Many of its recruited members were paranatural people who faced disenfranchisement and undue suffering, either directly or indirectly, at the hands of:

  • The Jailors.
  • The Bookburners.
  • Those others who firmly enforced an unjust world, choked by an ever-present Veil over all aspects of existence.

Unlike some other cells,2 The Watchers were leaderless. Instead, different members assumed different types of temporary leadership positions during specific operations, activities, and times of strife. The group and its structure were horizontally organized, and each member had an equal say in every decision. Lampyra, who had a great deal of experience as a “lone wolf” and independent, was often fielded to lead knowledge-collection missions. Her talents in securing information made her esteemed among her peers, and she assumed this role for some months until her devastating encounter with—

Warning: Unexpected Knowledge Evacuation. Please contact your section's Librarians.

The Watchers believe in the fair and equitable treatment of all paranatural humans, entities, and creatures, and the solidarity among them. They believe in the free dissemination of knowledge and information. They achieve this by seeking and spreading obscured, censored, or redacted knowledge which might prove helpful to the causes of their fellow people. They fight to create a bright, beautiful, sustainable, and united future for all those who are under threat of containment and control, and the powers that enforce it. One in which all can feel at peace with nature, with the knowledge of the worlds, and with themselves. One where all can bask in the Light and feel liberated by its rays.


These are not the only evidences of the group in question. We believe the group exiled themselves from The Wanderers' Library after Lampyra faced the consequences of her condition. She fell, and will be missed, but she will never be truly forgotten. We will not allow it. We cannot allow it. And if we are unable to leave our mark on the Cosmos, may this be considered an act of remembrance — not of failure.

Lampyra survives as an ideal. It is more powerful than each of us and transcends all of us.

May her Light touch all.


Banner of The Watchers.
“A Light in the Night.”



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