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Keep 'em guessing.


it was worth it, if only for a moment eternity: A watcher, a painter, and an unbearable wait

concrete and haphazard bricks now rubble under the weight of goodbye: Elsewhere

the dreaming eye sees what you do not: The Dreamers' Library Theme

to break one's chains requires strength of self: Non-Existence Therapy

quiet rebellion in deathly long queues: Monday is the new Friday

a journey, an escape, a root beneath the buried god: Basilica II

try again next time: DATA NOT FOUND

the future is yesterday's news: Motherboard Theme

I look at myself and all I see is myself looking back: Heavensbane


a fleeting moment of connection, repeated, lost, repeated still: Twin Notions of Catastrophised Time

trainhopping does wonders for your lung capacity: Ramblings Of A Retired Tramp

memories swim like phantoms in sea foam walls: Quiet, Uneventful Affairs

the divide happens at once. the future is sealed: UNAVOIDABLE. SPLIT.

its childish to think we would stay this way: How I Got My First Guitar

do not enter. the archives are harsh and unforgiving: Of the Archives

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