Last Light
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Every singularity points in one direction: the end. The stars of the multiverse blink out, one by one, and everything fades to black. But there is an exception. Only one. And all of creation flocks to this final island.

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen and others, to the last safe place in the multiverse.

Floating in a nebulous cloud sea somewhere outside of traditional space, the Last Place1 is the only part of the multiverse not subject to the apocalypse. Beyond this sacred refuge, everywhere is dying — although some worlds still remain partly or mostly intact, it's only a matter of time before they're claimed by the decay. Across reality, people flee from the darkness and find a more-or-less welcoming home in the arms of the immense sprawl.


Or city, if there's only one. Nobody's quite sure about this yet. In any case, such urbanisation blankets the vast majority of the Last Place and is generally a mishmash of architecture from all the corners of the multiverse. Slums built in old temples, obelisks leaning against the rusted hulls of ancient starships, streets built on ruins built on ruins from ages past. Aesthetically there are only three real constants: almost everything is big, almost everything is old, and almost everywhere is inhabited by as many people as possible.


The Last Place is broken. Individual islands drift to and fro2, sometimes connected, sometimes disparate — the difficulty of travelling between them can range from a Herculean task to something as simple as taking the train. Very little is set in stone about the islands themselves, save for their size, which is immense. Whether they were once part of something bigger remains to be seen.


The refugees who have taken to the Last Place are varied in almost every way you could imagine, and a lot of ways you couldn't. Convergent evolution means humanoid body plans aren't uncommon, and humans themselves tend to be remarkably widespread across the multiverse, but the average citizen is more likely to be alien than not. Some have been living there for aeons, watching legacies rise and fall. Others fell through a gateway mere weeks ago, and are still getting accustomed. The specifics are up to the writers.


The edges of the cloud sea are rife with the flotsam of lands long since destroyed. Brave citizens set out in entropy trawlers to scavenge what they can and rescue the rare survivors; the mainland demand for salvage is high, and in a world with a thousand different currencies a life debt can be as good as a cheque.


Enormous structures of undetermined nature, acting as methods of passage to other places. Perhaps even other times. Not much about them has been decided, save for the fact that the vast majority are now non-functional.

Okay, but what actually is this?

This page is the inaugural hub of our first collaboratively-constructed canon, courtesy of the new Serpentine Sorting System. The full description of how this process works is available on that hub page, but the general gist is as follows:

  1. You submit writing prompts.
  2. We curate the prompts into a poll. You perform Democracy and whittle them down to a single survivor.
  3. This single prompt becomes the seed of a new canon. We nurture it. You discuss it on the Discord server.
  4. We curate your ideas into a hub, which with any luck you're currently reading. You write for this hub, and shape the new canon to your will. We update this page as more ideas are spawned and refined.
  5. The canon solidifies. Staff and users alike sit back and bask in the new writing. Everybody wins.

With more than a dozen entries from some wonderfully talented authors, the initial writing period is over; while you're still allowed and encouraged to write for this setting, it's not considered different to any other collection or canon on the site. Feel free to just sit back, bask, and read some good fiction while you watch the multiverse collapse.

This prompt was provided by Varaxous, and won out of 64 submissions. The Curators of the canon are currently rumetzenrumetzen and MaliceAforethoughtMaliceAforethought. Contact them if you have any questions or concerns.

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