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Journal Entry Number One (and possibly the only)

My name is Sergeant James Maloney. If you are reading this now, I need your help. I was working with a UN peacekeeping force when my squad was sent to guard a Library. They all died, and now I'm stuck here, I've been here so long; I think I might be going crazy. You need to get a message to Major Jacob Arnold from the UN Infantry Battalion. Just print this out and get it to him, please, my life and yours may depend on it.

Attn: Major Arnold:
Objective status: Unknown
Current locstat: In a Library / LOST
Personnel: Deceased / Unknown

Situation Update:
I have found a computer; it looks like something from a steampunk gallery. It's all oak panels and brass fittings, but it connects to things, to places, god, I can't even begin to explain it. I stumbled on it by accident; I was looking for the 900's stack again. Got to find a fucking map so I can get the hell out of here, if there is an out of here, maybe I'm lost here forever.

Mike has been haunting me; he's some tall skinny inky bastard now. I think he wants to eat me. I don't blame him, I'd have to taste better than the shit they call food hereabouts. I really want a coffee, fuck I'd sell my very soul for a plate of my mother's home cooking right now. Don't know what the fuck Mike was doing with us in the first place, kid was a desk jockey. I don't even remember seeing him before he got landed in my squad come to think of it…

I think I'm rambling again; this place does that to you. Can't ever find the same fucking place twice, so I guess I'll never know if you get this Sir.

Don't send anyone in to find me. Sir. Don't do it. Don't even consider it. Just tell my family I'm dead. It's better they have closure. This place is nothing like what I was briefed about. There are aliens here, just walking about and reading books! And it connects to places. It's one hell of a security risk, if anyone can ever find a way to our world. I know I can't.

I hear whispers, the books talk to me sometimes. The shit they say would make your toes curl. I think there are secrets here that would make us a fortune, win wars, send us to other galaxies. If I could just figure out how to bring them back home.

Oh shit, he's found me abjhl.vfb vk/;bhajdf/a/df

Attn Sgt J Maloney.

Transmission received. Sit tight soldier, were coming in to get you.

> Classified: Authorised Personnel Only
> Files found:
> Library Duty
> Book Wyrms
> Poor Excuse
> My Heart Still Aches
> Salvation
> The Darkness Inside
> The Truth of Lies

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