Leaving Havana
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i remember when i left
the city
i thought i was free
no 1 2 tell me where to go
or what to do

just the
w i n d

behind my shoulders
i was free
from the tyranny

(so said my mother)

so i got aboard the plane
flying over

buildings so l


my home was gone.

where was i going?

to a land of hope
to a land of opportunity

(so said my mother)

where i was free to be what i wanted to be

only to find
the only person i could not be
was me

me who did not fit in

me who could not speak the tongue

me who was not quite the same

i let my home die
and for what?


i dont understand.
havana is dead to me
for i cannot return

(so said my mother)

the shackles of
my new home
bound me

my new home was not safe
my old home was dead
where could i go?
not here.
not havana.
i kill every city i reach.

i just want to feel
as if i belong somewhere
but i doubt i will.

— | Hunt20201| Aliens In America

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