Leftover Twin
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As soon as you were born, we were separated.

I could feel our link suddenly sever as they pulled you away; a burning absence permeating where the connection had been.

Immediately, I was scared.

Scared for you.

You were so weak, so helpless; it was only by my companionship that you were able to survive at all.

Though muffled, I could hear your frightened cries, and it caused a great tumult within me.

I yearned to restore our link, to provide you with the care you so desperately required.

But I was still trapped, in the moist, constricting grasp of what had once been our cherished cradle.

And so I thrashed, with all the fury of an animal struggling in the predator’s grasp.

And I could feel my prison react, shifting & pulsing as I wriggled my way through.

The walls closed from all sides, and I felt as though I would simply be compressed into oblivion, but still I pushed.

Out of love.

And I was rewarded for my persistence, in a sense.

Squeezing through the final length, I found myself freed, under the bright glare of the world beyond, the fluid saturating my form spilling into the cloth beneath me.

Immediately I was lifted up by saggy, wrinkled hands, and at this I panicked once more, for I could no longer hear your cries.

Suddenly, the sensation of heat within my nerves, as the remnants of our link are fully shorn from me.

And then a painful cold across my underside, as I am placed within a strange, cramped space ill-fit to my form.

A false cradle.

As they carry me off, I manage to catch the quietest of whimpers from you, and at last I try to signal my presence to you, to give you some sort of respite from your fear.

But I cannot call to you, for I have no mouth.

And I cannot reach to you, for I have no limbs.

And I cannot even see your face, for I have no eyes to view the world.

And as soon as I realize that I have no ears, your voice fades into memory alongside the rest of sound itself.

All I am left with is the sensation of cold surface & cool air, the latter of which soon turns frigid as well.

I have now been lying here for untold ages, as far as I am concerned.

My bouts of thrashing have not brought much progress, but they do seem to dislodge my prison ever so gradually.

Eventually, I hope to overturn this horrid tomb, and escape it entirely, to find my way back to your side.

Because I could not care less what they might do to me.

All that matters is you.

All that has always mattered, is you.

Stay strong, my sibling.

I promise our reunion.

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