Lethe Drown
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Then the nurse came in to change the silence
So we both had our little half;
He over her with the stars in his eyes
Shining down his cheek and into his lips.
Staged equidistant from rehearsed and improvised,
Inside and outside,
Parental and pitiful.
But the popcorn tastes nothing
As the felt wraps my back;
Skipped on the box office for this priceless scene;
Illicit critic.
When the house lights destroy me I may cheer the thespians,
But the stagehand will remember my screams.

Who puts on that wretched racket?
That tick tick tick from the main antagonist.
Its hand already red with old blood
Pointing down on her.
Thirty seconds is past
Thirty seconds is left.
Thirty seconds is right.
Each doubtful step her thoughts circle counter
Reeling for performances she only half-saw;
Her orbit a parallel tumble.

Too weak for stabbing,
Too petty for slumber.
Cerebral disembowelment
Makes her nothing so she is his everything;
Infinite gravitation, holistic distortion.
Space and time are one and the two
This room is claustrophobia.
This room is its future and its past,
Two more boys round one more hole:
Grief in synecdoche.
This room is forever.

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