Librarian's Author Page. (Duckunism warning)
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| Welcome to the domain of a random extrovert living inside the Library, just in the janitor's closet.
| This household worships Duckunism - Parcoonism, Sarkicism and Mekhanism is prohibited.
| I tend to write from the shortest of things to literal novels, depends on the context and what-not.
| If you like GOIs I will marry you. haha just kidding

| If you need anything,
Just message me on Wikidot and I will definitely respond, BUT, to magnet my attention attach a picture of a duck, or a hamster, or any other cute animal and I will make sure to make the reply my top priority.
| Oh, and I really like CSS shit so you'll see a lot of format screws/code playing here.

Librarian's Tale Archive!

Photos From Another World
Duckunism Adventure (Awaiting writing, contest entry)
Serpent Therapeutics (Awaiting writing, contest entry)

— WanderingLibrarian, Head of Duckwellism, DN

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