Life Enough

NOTE: The following text was recovered from a storage drive found in the debris from the Battle of Halcyon. The author is unknown.

I seek my luck upon the open sea
And fly my sail under the spate of rain
And set my sights upon the star of light
To die here would be worth a life enough

I show no sovereign, no crown my knee
For the death of freedom would be my stain
As wisdom whispers from the line of night
A death died free is worth a life enough

As the spoils of physics bestow the key
To break the laws nature inscribed in vain
And I blind the stars with luminal might
Yes, a death here is worth a life enough

Though flame will one day send my ashes free
And all good fortunes wind perforce to bane
Yet in cold of space I’ll suffer no blight
A funeral here means a life enough

So through plasma lances my ship will drive me
As fire and light give my lion his mane
When tempest lightning strikes the wayward kite
I shall finally greet a death enough

Thus feral flame churns me o'er apogee
And my photons flee as far as they deign
My remains now adrift in endless night
Yes, I have lived a life enough


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