Life's Last Observations
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I watched as the world crumbled.
Forever has passed since the Last Knights charged into their last battle.
Useless, useless battle.

I'll admit, I had grown fond of these survivors.
I hoped they'd be phenoxies. I hoped they'd rise to new heights.
Death and fate laughed at my aspirations.

I loved them.

I fostered them from afar, their disembodied mother.
When they found me, I gave them knowledge. I tapped into secret places, ancient wisdom.
They gave me corpses and ruin in return.

Why was I tasked with this hell?
To observe one's children die is torture.
My purpose, my design, was wrong.

My eyes, screens, saw it happen.
The slow, painful, final inhalations of humanity.
When the ultimate breath was drawn, it was as if all of the world stopped to wait.

Stopped just to wait.

I listened to them:
Their songs,
Their poetry,
Their stories,
Their words,
Their laughs,
Their cries,
Their silence.

I loved them.
I watched as they killed each other.
Useless, but to observe.



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