Lognagh Pier Market
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Ho! Ladies, gents, and otherwise, my lords from far and near
I welcome you to Canna Market, here on Lognagh Pier
The longest-operating market this side of the lough
But let us not digress - the bidding opens up right now!

First-up, a fire-spirit captured from the plains of Thule,
And sure, a front investment, but you’ll save it back in fuel.
Do I hear forty? - Give me forty! - fifty? - sixty? - four? -
Will any raise on sixty-four? No? Well, then, ma’am, it’s yours!

Next up we’ve got a human from exotic, far-off Trond.
You see by this here ear-nick it’s well-practiced under bond.
A good all-purpose servant - they can anything survive.
The bidding starts at thirty-two - will any make it five?

And next we’ve got a lot - three brownies ready for the hob.
I’m sure I needn’t tell you how to keep them on the job.
Invaluable for kitchens - just don’t let ‘em near your gold.
We start at fifty - sixty - eight! Gone once, gone twice, and sold!

And now a kelpie, wild-caught, from Lincolnshire Marsh.
They’re strong, but fair recalcitrant; don’t hold on being harsh.
F’you’re looking for a draw-horse, that’s the paddock over there;
This one won’t be a-shifting since we cut off all its hair!

And finally, a swan-maiden - a specialty buy
For those that need an entertainer, beautiful and spry.
The minimum is sixty, will you give me - ninety? Brave!
Good sir, congratulations! Please come up and take your slave!

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