Lullaby Of Lavender Lapidary
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--meteor showers reported across all of midwestern America, with advice from local authorities to--

Little pink rock in the sky, oh my
I watch as you sail through the cosmos
To take away our petty sorrows
I hope you'll find our planet, so alien to yours
And impact its surface
To warp the other worlds

The biohazard growth continues to spread through the states of Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, and small pockets of Minnesota--

Great gorgeous boulder of mine
I love the way you glow
As your tendrils start to grow
Burrowing into the ground
To grapple the deepest roots
And tear their trees down

Avoid contact with any and all persons hailing from the infected regions of the country. Seek out military personnel--

An otherworldly wonderous thing
With such wild mysteries that you bring
How old could you possibly be?
What magic may you have in store for me?
And while some woeful opposition still resists
Soon you'll wipe them from the mix

--service recommends to conserve rations and look for alternative sources of power, water, and security until further notice--

Strange serenading siren of space
Your glow has finally reached me
For now I see what you see
The serenity of assimilation
The strength of unity
Oh, what an overwhelming beauty!

--Illinois. Iowa. Indiana. Kansas. Missouri. Minnesota. Michigan. Ohio. Wisconsin. West Virginia. This broadcast will repeat.

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