Madame Deja Velough's Spell For Seeing Forgotten Cities
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Have you ever gone somewhere and felt its long-forgotten stories?
Have you ever felt the echoes of the past dwellers of the land whispering ancient tales of their long extinguished lives?
Do you ever wonder what it would be like to see these forgotten cities?
What if I told you you can?
It's easy to do, though you'll need to be careful and follow my rules.

First, you'll need to find a pocket watch, three chairs, two medium-sized mirrors, a hammer, and thirteen equal sized white candles.

Place two of the chairs facing each other and the third chair to the left of the chair you plan to sit in.

Set the mirrors on the two other chairs facing you. Make sure they are secured into place, you do not want either of them falling down during the ritual.
Use twelve of the candles to form a circle around the chairs, place the thirteenth to the right of the chair you plan to sit in. When ready light the candles while saying the months in order. Once at the thirteenth candle give the date and location of the place you wish to see, after lighting the thirteenth candle set it to the right side of your chair and sit down.

Once seated be sure to keep your pocket watch in your right hand and the hammer in your left hand. Look into the mirror in front of you and recite :
"Schuet Yuerg Zel"
Twelve times while looking into your reflection.

If successful you will be able to observe the past through the mirror. While enjoying your time being a fly on the wall of the past, be sure not to look at the mirror to the left of you, even if you start to hear tapping or even screaming. No god can help you if you do.

If unsuccessful, smash the mirror to the left of you, be sure not to look at it, then smash the mirror in front of you using the hammer. Blow out the candles and bury the mirror shards with the pocket watch.

When finished smash the mirror in front of you with the hammer, then the one to the left.
After smashing the mirrors blow out the candle to your right and drip the melted wax onto the pocket watch.
Once all the candles are blown out, bury the mirror shards and pocket watch.

Hope you all find this spell useful.

- Madame Daje Velough.

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