Make Something: A Dolton Press Release
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Skyline Design Inc. Spells The Start Of Karl Golàn's 23rd-Century Dreams

Architect Karl Golàn1 Agrees to Work with Skyline Design Inc.2 on their Newest Project, the Contented City

Etruscan Town, Dolton: On April 1st, 22023, Karl Golàn, master stone architect of the century, was contracted by Skyline Design Inc. to incorporate his unique style into their new city projects for the next two years. Skyline Design is a city planning and building design firm with the intentions of creating a more physically appealing urban environment for those living in the rolling hills of Dolton4. Enlisting Karl Golàn into the ranks of their design team is a major step in realizing this mission, and his first job is to use his skill to create the Contented City, a city that will specialize in buildings designed to increase happiness and reduce idleness rates for all citizens5. Because Skyline Design Inc. recognizes that this would prove instrumental in reviving some of Dolton, the Super-Mayor Boss of SDI is increasing gains and potential citizen benefits for all stakeholders that support this project6.

Alan Mallard, SMB of Skyline Design Inc, commented on the same day of Golàn's contracting and the announcement of potential benefits: "Nothing gets done without innovation. The past hundred years or so of Dolton's falling economy and happiness is indicative of that—and it's time to change. After the resounding accomplishments we've made within our now-lovely Etruscan Town, I think it's also about time to recruit more and more local-but-unexplored talents such as Karl Golàn and spread our holdings into other quadrants of Dolton…For starters, we'll be constructing a new town from scratch to bridge the economies of Alcove Grounds and Deathville in Quadrant Why…I only see bright things ahead of us, and for everyone else as well!"7

Recruiting Karl Golàn, a new talent from the Baking Suburbs8, along with other less expressive aspiring architects9, was no easy task. This is because of the lack of support for the visual arts in Dolton10, and so the company acted accordingly:

  • Several posters with fascinating designs11 to draw in artists were distributed throughout the towns in Dolton that were designated as "the top 20 towns that are not likely to become colorblind in the next century" by Color Bounce Newspaper12. These towns supposedly had a higher collective portfolio of art over time. Said posters included information on a job opening for designers, and when and where to contact recruiting officers13.
  • Artists traveling14 from their hometowns in order to work in Etruscan Town with the rest of the firm also receive compensation: Hired designers have their own personal studio that they share with one other artist that specializes in a similar style. They also have free access to professional mental health15, a new thing for Dolton companies.

About Skyline Design Inc: Originally a cemetery planning organization, Skyline Design Inc. evolved from a small construction studio in Etruscan Town, Dolton, where it is now situated. Face-lifted in 2195, over 500 employees are contracted by SDI, making it one of the largest companies in the nation. SDI currently designs architectural structures and large-scale projects for various towns across Dolton, and has helped over 20 towns and businesses so far16.


Karl Golàn at work in his studio at Skyline Design Inc.17

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