self-portrait (Songs About Being Transgender)
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You are deer to me
(I brush a hair behind your ear)
Don't fear for he
Cannot hear
Your heart beat no more.

Come nearer, for we
(I hold your hand, wipe your tears)
Are going out for ecstasy
And you can live easily
Your lungs rest, restored.

In everything I see
I see the delicate hands
That built my dreams

and anywhere I go
I hope I can follow
the laborer of love…
that sa - a - a - aved m - e - e - e…


Sweet doe, hear me
Let me feel you in the air
Use your eyelashes and feel the breeze
Take your shoes off in the hallway stairs

'cause you are welcome here
My pretty little hare
Come closer now dear,

Cheek to cheek, we're dancing!
Your body is smooth as glassing
I smudged your face off in the mirror
But it couldn't be any clearer

I will always want you near me
Your delicate hands endear, but see
I know my greatest fear — and strength, uh…
You are my sweet re - flec - ti - o - o - o - on…

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