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I have never seen a real city
The finest creation of consumerism,
Gothic spires of steel and methane,
Marring the once-blue skies
Seeping oil and capital

Have you ever been to the city?
Megaliths straddling the sky,
Art studios and supermarkets
Malls and coffeeshops
Corporate headquarters and government agencies
Factories and tenements.

The roads, and streets, and buildings, and statues
All made of the same miracle,

There is a poem I was shown in middle school,
It was an example of 'concrete poetry'
Showing a city skyline, words making towers
Made of concrete?
Cities are made of poetry

Do you know how cement is made?
The viscous rock we have been creating from
Centuries, millennia, eons;
Rome stands, concrete
And the pantheon is engraved
Within the confines of stone

Concrete is made from chunked up lime,
Poured into a concoction of silica and gravel
Watered like a plant,
Organic rock, growing stronger with the rain
Flowing into cracks, crevices, ravines, chasms
Filling the holes we've created

Have you ever been to the city?
The spires scrape the sky
And a new Babel is erected every week,
And they walk upon seashells,
And they live in cadavers.

Limestone is made of corpses,
Long-dead sea life
Turned to statues by simple chemistry
Mother earth permanently sculpting
Her greatest heroes, whom we,
Jealous, depraved,

Have the audacity to make buildings with.

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