Not All Dates (Or Plans) Go Perfectly
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Seems like things are going better. How's the writing doing?

Better… lots better.

That's great!

I just feel like something's off today.

Oh. I'm sure it's nothing.

Are you sure?

Probably. Now's not the time for that. You're going to be late.

Late for what?

Don't tell me you forgot!


Regal practically leaped from his chair. His anniversary, of course! He was foolish to forget about such a day. He grabbed one of his polo shirts from the closet and tried to dress himself as quickly as he could. "How the hell did that happen?" He asked with frustration, quickly grabbing a pair of socks from his dresser, while almost tripping on his own shoes. People forget things all the time. Regal grabbed the same shoes and put them on, taking them off when he realized they were on the wrong feet. "We booked the reservations, right?" Regal asked, grabbing his glasses and well-worn wallet from his nightstand. Yup. They should be somewhere on your phone.

Regal rushed to the restroom across the hall and checked himself. Though the dressing only took a record 5 minutes, he looked surprisingly decent for the evening. "How do I look?" he asked himself. His subconscious thought for a moment. Button the top button. It looks better. Regal shrugged. "I think I look fine." If you say so. Now go, hurry up! You don't have a lot of time to sit and stare! "Right, right. Sorry." Regal grabbed his keys and wallet from the dresser, and rushed out the door.

Okay. Pep talk time. You got this man, you got this. Just walk up, get Jimm, have a great evening, get home. Easy-peasy. Regal's subconscious was rushing and raging with things to try and keep him calm. Unfortunately, they didn't seem to work. Regal was growing more and more uncomfortable as he approached Jimm's house. Doubt followed behind him, finally resting its hand on his shoulders. He braked suddenly on the side of the road.

"I can't do this!" Regal yelled to himself. The voices were getting louder and louder to just go and do it already, but his fright had him in a choking paralysis. "I-I can't do it… fuck I can't do this." He started to panic. His breath grew faster and faster as he desperately grabbed whatever he could to get himself under control. He could see Jimm coming out the door and locking his house behind him. He gave a friendly wave, which unfortunately Regal couldn't respond back. He kept walking up to the car, and tried to open the door to the passenger seat. The door was locked, so he knocked on the window.

"Regal? Are you okay?" he asked. Regal managed to finally let go of something and missed the unlock button twice, barely hitting it the third time. Jimm opened the door and took a seat. "What's wrong?" Regal shook his head, bullying himself inside to get over this and start driving. "Oh! Nothing's wrong! N-Nothing at all! Why would anything be wrong? Ha ha!" Jimm didn't seem very convinced. "Well, I waved at you and you didn't wave back like you always do, I had to knock to unlock the car door, and now you're freaking out because I asked you what's going on. I know something's off with you, so spill it."

Jimm had been a good friend, hell maybe his best friend of Regal's since about Junior year of High School. They'd managed to keep a close relation throughout Jimm's college years and they finally decided to be more than friends. This was their first time they'd have time for one another for about 4 months. Regal really didn't want to screw up today. He took a long second before speaking.

Just tell him. his subconscious finally returned.

"I… I just- I just wanted tonight to be perfect. We haven't really hung out since we got together, and I don't… I don't want to screw it up for us." Jimm looked off for a bit, before gently grabbing Regal's hand. "Reg, I know who you are. We weren't best friends for nothing. I know you're a good guy. You just got a promotion and I took some harder classes at school, of course there's going to be some time between us seeing each other." Regal managed to compose himself, and looked back at Jimm. "But that doesn't mean that one night is going to change my view on you. You're my love, damn it. You shouldn't have to hide your feelings from someone you have feelings for."

Regal sighed. "Yeah, you're right. I'm sorry I tensed up." Jimm smiled. "Glad to get you back, Regal." he responded. Regal grabbed the wheel, took the old car out of park, and drove off to their date. As Regal relaxed and took a night to himself and Jimm, Doubt watched before leaving for its next victim.

"How the hell'd you let them get away?"

Doubt knelt before an ominous, semi-gaseous being sitting on a large throne, which was equally as ethereal as the being itself. "I gave you one job. One! Just one! To capture the human and bring him to me! And what the hell'd you do?" The figure rose up and descended towards Doubt. Doubt took a second before speaking.

"I'm sorry… the human's mind was incredibly powerful." it said. The entity shoved Doubt to the floor with great force. "Damn it!" it said, walking back to the throne behind it, taking a seat. "Okay, so, let's recap here. I sent one of the best people I know for this job to retrieve me a single human, and now I'm lacking a human. I mean, how sad is that?! I'd be more understanding if there was, like, seven or eight, maybe. But one? I mean, I don't know how to feel." It slumped into the chair, and started to conjure up a new plan.

"Okay, okay. I've got an idea." The entity sat up quickly and excitedly. "But we're going to need everyone for this. Go and get the others." Doubt nodded quickly. "Of course, my lord." Doubt opened up an impressively large pair of black wings, and took off. The entity watched him soar into an equally as dark night sky.

"You may have won this round, mortal. But everyone falls to the wraith of… Wraith- fuck, I still need to work on that line. I keep fucking telling myself that, but never do it…"

Regal and Jimm walked out of the family diner. A cheese pizza after a great movie is one of the best ways to end a night; at least, that's what Regal thought. Jimm took Regal's hand as they walked back to the car in the theater parking lot. "Y'know, Regal. I think tonight's been one of the best times I've had with anyone in a long time." Regal smiled, looking up to him. He'd never been bothered by Jimm's height; people frequently mocked him for it but it was nice to have someone like Jimm to look up to. He leaned to him as they approached the car.

"Hopefully I can get an opening in my schedule and we can do something again." Jimm said, partially struggling to get into Regal's car. Regal's a short guy; of course the car's going to match. "I'll be ready when you reach out. Most of my work is scheduled by me, so I don't have a problem taking an evening for us." Jimm smiled. "You never did."

They drove off into the night, together as one.

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