NOTICE: Timekeeping
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To all new workers,

First of all welcome to Vitalis LLC, the place where you work tirelessly for nothing.

If you are wondering how we keep track of time, no need to look around, we will educate you how. It's simple: we use M.L.C (million lever cycles done by (poor) Jerome1). This is the unit of time we use here.

Currently, at the time of printing of this Notice, 27 M.L.C has passed. Consider them as the days of this place, with each cycle having roughly 200,000 cycles of the lever. We also use Jerome years, though the exact number of years is debatable.

Few workers have volunteered to be timekeepers, you can approach them to ask the time. If you want to volunteer, we welcome you to do so, just contact the undersign.

Chief timekeeper.

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