Ode to Marina
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As I sail the seas of my life
I try to recall
I try to remember
Those shores on which I landed.

Those names for people I traveled with
People whose names exist
As chalk writ onto a stone
Set upon my vessel.

Amidst the sea of time
Each shared journey
Wrote a story
A record to the stone.

And as the sea tosses
I set sail from harbor to harbor
From name to name
From story to story.

One name never succumbs to the ails of time
For as the others in chalk
Fade against the weathering of the sea
And the winds of time…

You, Yours, was etched into the stone
Your name, forever apart of who I am
Carved deep and piercing
Into the story of my life.

For the remainder of my days
As numbered as they be
As many a sea calls
As much as shore beckons…

I will be forever drawn
Forever moored
Into the soft waves of your harbor.
My gentle, my distant, my never forgotten


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