Of Gods of fate and Domination
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Of before time

Long ago, when everything began to exist after the “Age of Dawn,” when the old gods, or “unmanifested ones,” had not yet placed themselves in conceptual shells, there existed time.

Time at this time is not a flow as we know it, but a chaotic and unchanging sea. The future becomes the past, then becomes the present again. Due to the chaos of time, nothing in reality can exist for too long, because it will soon be sent back to the time before they were born.

The chaos of time also has a serious consequence: due to the formlessness and immutability of the material realm, no "unmanifested" can put themselves in the shell of concepts and maintain those concepts for the physical realm.

It is unknown whether anything existed before this period other than “the unmanifested one,” but it is known that there existed two entities that witnessed this chaos: Th'uus and The'sus.

The two entities Th'uus and The'sus are siblings. Both slept in the Age of Dawn like many other gods or “unmanifested ones”. But when time existed, both of them woke up and they were surprised by the chaotic state of time before their eyes.

Both entities thought of a way to end this chaos and bring order to the world, and Th'uus came up with a way to do it.

Th'uus created metaphysical networks like spider webs surrounding the physical world. And for each thing that exists, a thread begins to appear and connects it to this network, giving it a fixed shape and helping to reshape the laws of time in the physical realm. And when everything was finished, Th'uus looked upon her beautiful achievement. But Th'uus soon realized that the network lacked a center, so everything was controlled by nothing.

But she soon overcame this mistake, when her younger brother The'sus agreed to become the center of that network.

“This work of yours is truly a great thing, it has helped clear away the chaos of this world, but this great network is still missing something.” The'sus said when he saw the network.

“Yes, it lacks a center, and what do you think about becoming its center?” Th'uus replied.

“Then let me become that pillar, become the center of this great structure, become part of that great order.”

The'sus transformed himself into a form more suitable for his new role. The'sus's body became a giant worm, with human arms sprouting from each side of his body, the god's body growing from the place where it should have been the human head.

With each arm he holds a thread, and with his divine vision he can see everything from a third perspective and through that the god can know what to choose, to set, to guide what happens next for everything in creation.

And so time was born. And so is the physical realm.

Of after time.

When everything began to form, everything followed the direction of randomness guided by fate. Every living thing in existence follows the process of life, reproduction, death with everything else happening according to the dictates of fate.

“Life, reproduce, death” was the great code laid down by The'sus, and he was happy about it.

But then as the years pass, the world changes with time, and so do the creatures on it. Living organisms began to produce their own minds, and from there they began to develop beyond The'sus's "life, reproduction, death" rule.

Those beings built their own kingdoms and began to develop spiritually, then they became fetuses in the cosmic mind - dreamstory. When these fetuses hatch, they become gods of the mortal world.

When The'sus looked down at what processes outside his code, he was extremely angry, and even more so when he witnessed those lowly beings becoming gods.

“No. How could a lowly species like you become gods? No, this is impossible, because there will always be a line between mortals and immortals.” The'sus spoke to those ascended souls when they ascended to the spiritual plane of the physical world.

“As above, so below. Everything below is an extension of what is above, they differ only in the scale of the world.” The gods or spirits spoke to The'sus in unison.

But The'sus did not accept the words of the spirits, but instead rushed to attack them. Despite the power of their ascension, the spirits did not have enough strength to defeat a force as primal as The'sus. Therefore, they reincarnated themselves into realms lower than the physical realm; world within world, to avoid the pursuit of The'sus.

The whole story was seen by Th'uus. And unlike her younger brother, she considers the evolution to determine one's own destiny to be a great act of mortal beings.

“Little brother, things are getting better. Why are you trying to destroy those new gods?” Th'uus asked as she saw the spirits flee into the realm within the physical realm to avoid The'sus' anger.

“No, that's not anything good. It was chaos, and slavery to the gods as those creatures evolved into our ranks.”

"Little brother, think more broadly, don't just lock yourself in a cave and be afraid to look outside.”

"Never. There will always be a gap between the 'divine' and 'mortal'.”

Th'aus realized that her little brother could not understand the greatness of this, and saw that The'sus was no longer worthy of this job. Thus Th'uus banished her little brother from his position as the pillar of fate.

Be banished back into the Outside, The'sus deeply hated his sister for this action, and believed that she did not understand the roles the universe had assigned to both of them. The'sus begins to make a revenge plan and reclaim his role as the forger of fate from Th'uus.

But to do this, The'sus needs an entire race to help him. But because the physical body is gone, The'sus is left with only his formless conceptual pure form in the Outside. Therefore, The'sus whispered into the minds of all races to call on them to help him.

The'sus's whispers were not answered because they were blocked by the spirits that The'sus had chased away, all that remained were now only weak and little whispers.

But then, after an unknown amount of time, a young empire answered that whisper.

That small empire was still too young to have its own name, but despite that youth they possessed knowledge of black magic and much lost knowledge from the first era of the Divine Beast.

They communicated with The'sus, and the god agreed to help them gain more forbidden knowledge about the world, in return for them creating for him a physical body and a giant tower.

The people of that empire followed The'sus's request without the slightest doubt. The forges began to burn, and as their contents were removed, they cooled into fragments of armor that, when combined, would create a complete suit of armor.

The people began to carve and pull those stones together to form a tall tower. The tower gradually grew taller, until it almost reached the clouds.

And when those two things were perfected, The'sus began to descend into the physical realm. A bolt of lightning suddenly struck the armor, and then it came to life with The'sus being the one controlling it now.

Once he had acquired a physical body, the god began his plan. The'sus drew symbols on the top floor of the tower. These symbols seemed to be a type of magic created by the god himself for a mysterious purpose.

The'sus also engraved those symbols on his metal creations, which he would give to the little people who helped him. These are the Hand of Rule, and the Mark of Domination.

“What are these artifacts, fate-forger?” Kings and nobles spoke when they saw them.

“Little human, here are two gifts i created for you that will be very helpful in your quest for knowledge.” The'sus replied.

“With the Hand of Ruling, is a magic that allows you to rule and enslave those engraved with the Mark of Domination magic.”

“So how will they help us on our path to finding knowledge?” they asked.

“Conquer, kill, and enslave is the answer. There are kingdoms out there that carry the knowledge of old times like you, invade and fight them to gain that knowledge, because it is natural when you want to gain something.”

The king, mandarins and nobles followed The'sus's instructions and began to invade other countries. With the help of The'sus himself, that empire continuously defeated and invaded neighboring kingdoms. Through these invasions, the other empire expanded its territory, and increased its human resources to serve the empire.

The people of the invaded kingdoms were turned into slaves of the empire, and even the knowledge they had fell into the hands of this empire. Seeing that what The'sus said was true, they began to conquer more and more other kingdoms.

The'sus after finished rewarding the empire that helped him. He began to carry out the next steps in his plan.

The tower that The'sus had carved the sigils on began to take effect. The tower began to project a special form of magical energy that was a higher level of the Hand of Ruler into the heart of the threads of fate.

And at the center of the web of fate that The'sus once was, something else has taken The'sus' place; a huge block of stone that is wrapped around it are threads of fate and three cloaked entities are the guardians of that stone pillar.

That stone pillar was created and programmed with roles that help everything move according to a predetermined model and will develop accordingly if those creatures develop to go outside that model. The three entities whose role is to protect the pillar are children of the One-who-Th'uus-is-only-a-part of.

And on that day, a stream of magical energy flowed into and affected the Pillar of Fate. Under the influence of that magic, all the threads of fate and the people they represent were engraved with the Mark of Domination, causing the fate of all living creatures to rest once again in the hands of The'sus.

Those who possess the Hand of Ruling are also given the same power to shape destiny, and alter fate as The'sus, and those people are none other than that empire, and they are extremely happy about this because they will be able to have all the knowledge in the universe and more.

After hearing the call of her three younger sisters, Ezazel descended to the physical realm to solve the problem caused by The'sus.

Ezazel and the other three sisters created a special type of magic to overcome the Mark of Domination; That magic is called the Wind of Freedom.

And when completed, Ezazel released that wind everywhere the thread of fate led, freeing all creatures in the universe from The'sus.

Even the slaves of the empire, and when that happened, they began to rise up against their oppressors and their gods. Ezazel also participated in this war, because she knew that as long as The'sus had a physical body, the danger would still exist.

Both gods faced each other, and their battle began. Ezazel has a small and agile body that allows her to dodge all of The'sus' attacks, and she always tries to respond after every attack the god makes, but it is ineffective, because the armor is too thick.

Two gods fight not only in this world but at every level of physical existence, and the fight is inconclusive.

It is very difficult for humans to defeat a god, especially when they already have a physical body. But Ezazel represents the impossible, allowing her to do anything that is considered impossible in all the worlds, including defeating another god.

She struck down The'sus, and then; with her magic she shattered the god's physical form, banishing him back to the Beyond.

When The'sus was banished back to the Beyond, he did not reappear in the physical realm again, and it is said that he was preparing another plan in the future to prepare for his return.

As for the other empire; after The'sus disappeared, they still worshiped that god in hopes that one day he would appear again. But at the same time, the empire also saw the benefits of worshiping the old gods, so they worshiped all the gods, and they also began to use slaves as a new type of labor and service class according to what The'sus teachs. That empire gradually changed its name to the Daevites we know today.

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