Of sunsets and magic
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The sky above me glistened with stars, flickering on the obsidian canvas. So far from there these constellations are placed so differently. In the daytime, they are not visible at all. I wondered if I could ever get used to it.
Pink, orange, red, yellow. Bright colours painting the clouds. How I wished it wouldn’t change to the clear blue sky I see too much, the sunlight that shines too bright. I wish for the cool shades of dust, the faint rays of moonlight, for the only thing I miss from back there.
I spent weeks stargazing on blankets and pillows on our roof, feeling the moon on my skin. I craved thunderstorms, overcast skies when the sun returned. Feeling the wind on my skin reminded me of my flights, reminded me of how it feels to soar through the skies. I don’t have enough magic here to use my wings freely.
My love and I reunited shortly after my fall. We’ve been travelling, passing mountains, coasts, forests. They understood my need for being close to the sky so we settled on a mountain top.
The snow fell thick up here, covering the ground completely just sporadically missing spots in the forests. Thin air, peaceful silence, a place to be ourselves. We both knew our peace wouldn’t last. Eventually, they would try to find us, eliminate the most dangerous thorns in their sides. Until then, we would keep dancing underneath this star-filled night sky.
In a world so void of magic even just the tiniest spell feels like an ember in a dried-up forest. Its flames erupt, spreading over the soil briskly until they consume every last being. Sitting on the roof in the early morning hours, feeling them resonate in my soul filled me with a whirlwind of emotion. The air felt ablaze, stealing my breath completely. Almost instantly my wings manifested in the magic-filled atmosphere. My tilted halo, my star sprinkled eyes. The magic waves weren’t enough to change me back completely but I felt more like who I was before than I had for a while.
The intentions of the source I couldn’t tell. It came from a far away place. While relishing in the enchantment I noticed my love appearing on the roof. Their eyes showed the amethyst vortexes I fell in love with. They gave me a warm smile as they saw my euphoria and I couldn’t help but return the same.
Having renewed enough magic, I took flight. I flew higher and higher until I pierced the clouds. With the distant ground below me, I dove down and shot upwards, spun and glided only returning when I felt the magic being exhausted. I landed with heavy breaths and a grin on my face. My love awaited me with two freshly brewed cups of coffee.
After an energetic hug, we sat down on the blankets and enjoyed the silence for a while. They sometimes joined me in my stargazing or during the sunrise in the morning, sitting together while revelling in the atmosphere. Once the colours started seeping into the dark night sky my love told me of magic and I talked of wings and freedom.
Another journey seemed to lie ahead. With traces of the spell flickering through the air, we gathered what we needed and set out for the source.
Tiny snowflakes trickled onto us as we walked through the dense forest enjoying the peace. Bits of magic had mixed into the air, the snow, kindling in me a certain fondness. My love hummed a tune, breaking the silence that filled our ears.
Hot breath formed small clouds as it left our mouths, melting the small drips of snow on our hands. Being immune to the cold differentiated from not being able to appreciate the warmth.
With shadows creeping through the bushes, a cold breath didn’t feel so bad.

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