Of the Jailors and the Damned
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The night is dark, the waves still
the fire is out, the candles cold
but many horrors continue at will
so finally at last let the truth be told

Hidden away in their fortresses
they commit terrible crimes, in the name of science
with our brothers contained crying out in choruses
tortured by their compliance

These brothers of ours, seen strange
locked away like yesterdays pay
an organization proposing change
yet having a conserving way

Their council of the damned, proposed as pure
have no ethical stop to the paths they take
trying to keep a world of no laws secure
hopefully those men will one day wake

Their cages locked quite too well
the restraints getting more and more tight
and yet are surprised at the rebel
as their information comes to the light

Wanderers! the fire is ready, the kindles already there
this organization has trampled too far
let us take this spark, this flame, and share
and let us burn them, letting them feel our scars

They steal our tomes with evil curiosity
locking it away to collect dust
thus I urge to light the fire ceasing their animosity
letting it all crumble and fall, it is only just

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