On Cisgender
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On the way to yours I found a pack of luckies on the ground and it was perfect

it was my brand not quite like getting what you ask for but the other way round

like looking at the stars and seeing orion Orion who poses exactly like you

like asking for what you're given and what a coincidence like look dad I won the lotto

and those things aren't nuclear they're only stars just jewels like those we took

and passed down bones twirling slowly and refracting eternal light we're watching

them outside grandma's house where the milky way becomes

a cloud complete outlined like a comic book bubble looks like ol' Sam's beard

I figure my skeleton could one day hang in the sky like a chandelier to look at

too and my cut hair like a rope like a beard and a knot we look at the ocean together

and funny enough it looks like water we could drink we look at fire in the hearth

the one that later took the forest the black-lunged kind we'd see if we really saw a star

and we'd really see one fire we look at the fire and see one fire and that right

there is warm ain't it there we look at the fire roaring and we think we see just one.

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