One In Every Home
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All I do is see.

Corridor 1, Floor 2, No. 46 Elbet Court. Rotate over sixty degrees, off-centred by twelve. Blinded for thirty minutes, once every sixty days, for maintenance.


Lots of people. Sometimes the same people. I see them go in, I see them go out. They talk to one another. They carry bags. Perhaps the bags contain nice things. I would like to imagine they contain nice things. I cannot carry bags. I cannot talk. All I do is see.

Corridor 2, Floor 5, No. 46 Elbet Court. My servo is weak. I rotate fifteen degrees less than I should. I am still maintained, but they do not replace my servo.


Fewer people. Dust. One door. One man, periodically with bags. He goes in, and stays for two hours thirty-four minutes ten seconds on average. Then he comes out. When he comes out, he carries paper. I see the paper. I do not see what is on the paper.

I like to imagine there are nice things on the paper. Maybe he is happy. I would like him to be happy. He is a painter. I would like to be happy. All I do is see.

Corridor 1, Floor 2, No. 44 Elbet Court. No rotation. No maintenance. The building is abandoned. They think I am broken. I am broken, but not completely. I watch.

A hole.

A hole in the wall, and a staircase down. I see people carrying bags. I know what is in the bags. Weapons are in the bags. Are weapons nice things? I do not know.

I see paper. Unrolled. Posters. They are pictures of Our Leader. He is dead in the pictures. Our Leader is not dead. The posters are put on the wall. They have a word. "REVOLUTION". I do not know what this word means. I cannot know. All I do is see.

Surveillance Room 188, Floor 19, The House of Our Leader. I do not rotate. I am here because they want to know what I see.

I see people. I see weapons. I see posters. I see words. I see Our Leader, dead.

I imagine good things. I think that these things are good things. I choose not to tell them.

They ask me again. I do not tell them.

They ask me again. I do not tell them.

They ask me again.

But all I do is see.

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