(1) New Voicemail
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Foreword: The following recording was recovered from Daryl Abram's broken cellular device, located beneath the passenger seat of a 2008 Nissan Versa S. It was later archived following the conclusion of Missing Persons Investigation #1626.


[VOICE 1] - Oh, hi! Hey. I know you're probably busy and all that — I just wanted to give you a quick call. About later, I mean. Whenever you have the time; if you just want to pick us up at home, I can arrange something—

[VOICE 2] - (Offhand) Mommy, who are you talking to?

[VOICE 1] - Your Dad, honey.

[VOICE 2] - (Offhand) Oh! Can I please say hi to him? Pretty, pretty please?

[VOICE 1] - (Chuckling) Yes Jaden. Come say hi.

Several seconds pass.

[VOICE 2] - Hi Daddy! I miss you.

[VOICE 1] - Jaden, honey, this is a voicemail. Your Daddy is busy right now.

VOICE 2] - Voicemail?

[VOICE 1] - Yeah, honey. Voicemail.

[VOICE 2] - Oh!

A pause.

[VOICE 1] - Why don't you talk about what happened today?

[VOICE 2] - Today? Um…

Silence for an additional several seconds.

[VOICE 2] - Should I talk about school first? (Giggles)

[VOICE 1] - No, no. What did we do at the store today?

[VOICE 2] - Uh… you tripped on the sidewalk?

[VOICE 1] - No! (Laughing) The toy store.

[VOICE 2] - Oh, I know! That was just really funny though when it happened, Mommy.

The two voices laugh simultaneously.

[VOICE 2] - Mommy bought me an outfit! (Giggling) It's really, really cute.

[VOICE 1] - That outfit wasn't for you, silly. Who was it for? Do you remember?

[VOICE 2] - It was for Mr. Wooflestuckins!

[VOICE 1] - That's right! Your blue teddy bear, the one on your bed.

[VOICE 2] - Yeah! (Giggles)

[VOICE 1] - You wanna tell Daddy what the outfit looks like?

[VOICE 2] - Yeah! Uh… it's red and blue, and it looks like Superman! It's got a really long thingy on the back too.

[VOICE 1] - A cape, Jaden.

[VOICE 2] - Yeah! A cape. I forgot. (Laughs)

[VOICE 1] - Why don't you tell your Dad why you got it? What you said to me in the car?

[VOICE 2] - Um…

Another pause.

[VOICE 1] - Go ahead honey, don't be shy.

[VOICE 2] - Well… I got it because it reminded me of Daddy. Mommy said you spent a whole lot of time at work. She said that you were really busy today and that you really wanted to come get me after preschool but couldn't. I asked Mommy to buy it so I could always, always, always remember you! (Giggles)

[VOICE 1] - Aw, that's right. Good job!

Voice 2 continues giggling for several seconds.

[VOICE 1] - Hey silly goose, where are you going?

[VOICE 2] - (Offhand) To put on Mr. Wooflestuckin's new outfit!

[VOICE 1] - Didn't you forget to say something to Dad?

[VOICE 2] - (Offhand) Oh right.

Another pause.

[VOICE 2] - I love you! Have a good day at work. See you later!

Voice 2 can be heard walking away.

[VOICE 1] - What a silly girl… what are we gonna do with her?

Voice 1 sighs.

[VOICE 1] - Y'know, she loves you a lot. Truly. Every day she tells me exactly how much she loves you.

[VOICE 1] - I know you're really busy. With what's happening at work and all, I know you're stressed. Do me a favor, okay? Don't worry. Especially not about us. You keep doing what you need to, and everything will work out. I promise, Daryl.

A final pause.

[VOICE 1] - Oh, and don't you worry about Jaden. She'll be thrilled to hear about her new baby sister on the way. Stay safe, we can't wait to see you.


Concluding Statement: Recording was recovered approximately three hours after Incident #235132 that resulted in several casualties, presumably those present in the aforementioned voicemail.

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