Open-minded class
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This is a special class in the ████ university, there is no explanation in the course, no textbooks, some just from the beginning of the course to the end of the existing questions and answer.

We went into this special class together.

Professor Peter walked into the classroom and asked a question without a prelude or hint: What is thinking?

Students consider later gave a theoretical answer: Thinking is the processing of the information content of the human brain.

However, the students don't know, this special hall is just beginning. Here are the questions and answers from the class section.

Peter: What is the processing of the information content of the human brain?

Students: The processing of information content refers to the identification,screening,classification,sorting, analysis and reconstruction of a series of processes to make the collected information become the information we need.

Peter: What is the required information?

Students: Information that useful for people.

Peter: What is useful information?

Students: Refers to information that gives people a reference or detailed procedure for carrying out certain activities.

Peter: What are the detailed steps?

Students: The way things are handled in solving problems.

Peter: What is the way things are handled?

Students: Measures to deal with problems.

Peter: What are the measures to deal with the problem?

The students are crazy, because their brains have been unable to think deeply, even some students have given up thinking.

Student: It's a practical action taken in the process of dealing with a problem.

PrPeter: What is actual action?

Students: Practical action is something that people do that consumes both mental and physical energy.

Peter: What is mental and physical work?

Students: Mental and physical work is the brain and body movements of people.

Peter: What are brain and limb movements?

Students: It's the movement of the brain's cellular nerves and the reaction of the limb's neuromuscular system.

Peter: What is brain cellular nerve activity and limb neuromuscular response?

Students: Cell division, combination, nerve stimulation, muscle contraction, etc.

Peter: What is cell division, combination, and nerve stimulation, muscle contraction?

When the bell rang and the students shouted happily, Peter asked the last question after the students had quieted down:

What is thinking?

This lesson let the students' brains are squeezed by round after round, therefore, their minds is no longer limited, no longer narrow, than before class can be said to be vast.

So, everyboody, what is thinking?

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