The Other Cometh
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From the lands beyond the Lower Sea
I watched them come
in great waves and torrents
starting as the great Flood
a trickle here and then the deluge

They came with sword and spear
with wheel and arrow
in rage and hunger
to seek our land
to take our people
to dam holy Iteru with our dead

We cried out to our gods
sang our songs and prayers
burnt offerings and offered sacrifice
to empty sky and cold earth

In the darkness of anarchy
our gods remained silent
offered guidance to none
with no words to assuage our fear

Lady Neith of battle stood aside
Lord Horu of the sky offered no wisdom
Lady Sekhmet of the sword came not to our defense
Even Ri-ia of the sun shone not Their warmth upon us

We cried out in our suffering
our lamentations echoed in empty temples
and we died with prayers on our lips
our faith flowing as with our blood into the sand

And yet, there was no answer
no solace to be had
for the Other cometh
and our Gods had no reply to give

From the desk of Issa Antar
Priest-Scribe of the Goddess Neith
May Her Name never be forgotten.
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