overcome by happiness
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i saw my cat
rolling around
in my backyard
the other day
and it made me
want to cry
like those guys
in those movies
about little league baseball
when their sons
win the big game.

i went inside.
my mom was
sitting on the couch
listening to some
podcast about writing
while she read
her emails.
i knelt down
next to her
and gave her a hug
that lasted
for long enough
that i wondered
if she was confused.

i took a walk.
it was midmorning,
and the sun
was still behind
the branches
of the tall oak trees.
the branches swayed
in the cool breeze,
rearranging the web
of shadows at my feet.
i looked up
at the light blue sky
with the wonder
of a toddler
being allowed
to crawl on the porch
for the first time.

when i got home,
i went up to my room.
i opened my window
to let the fresh air in,
watched the people
on their morning walks,
closed my eyes,
took a deep breath,
and let the neighborhood
hear my joy.

my canker sore is gone!

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