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My(239X) human boyfriend(26M) said we could sleep together but we ended up just having sex. Is he mad at me?

u/sleeping_alone_throwaway · 3 days ago written by IronShears


My (35M) wife(37F) of 10 years just admitted she thinks less of me because of my culture. What do I even do at this point?

u/religious_strife · 4 days ago written by IronShears


My(458F) partner(349F) just got turned into a docent.

u/distraught_lover · 2 days ago written by IronShears



I just pretended to be a succubus for free food on a dinner date

u/DESTROYER_OF_WORLDS · 3 days ago written by IronShears



I (22M) was sent to rescue a princess(20F) and ended up falling in love with the dragon(67283M) I was tasked with slaying

u/lovestruck_dreamer · 2 days ago written by IronShears


Woe! My (643M) fiancé (527M) beseeches me to doff mine mask to taste the sweetness of mine lips upon our wedding day.

u/glass_masquerade · 4 days ago written by Spoddetman


My (19F) boyfriend (18M) wants to meet my family, but my father doesn't approve interspecies relationships

u/seedling_munchin_creature · 2 days ago written by Seraphannim


My Queen (21F) has decided that I (2M) am no longer suitable for mating. What am I to do? Should I even try to win her back? Please advise.

u/hive_hovel · 5 days ago written by NotAnOligarch


I'm feelin' right wistful this evenin'

u/Noah_Crimson_Stephens133 · 10 days ago written by Snapdragon133

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