Painted Wall
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Sarah stood with her back to the door of the restroom, with the mirror and sinks on her left and the stalls on her right. After listening once more for any unwanted visitors, she decided that all was safe. The stared intently at the wall. It was time.

She chanted to the tiled walls painted a muted pink:

Painted tiles on the wall
Tell me the visions of few and all,
Show me what none can see,
Standing or otherwise outside these stalls.

The paint on the wall cracked and deformed to form a face, shocking the girl. Ignoring her, the paint responded:

Child of East, left in the West;
Child who always tries to look her best.
For what reason would ye have here,
To stand before paint, with no ounce of fear?

The girl was prepared. She went on:

Gracious, great, well-polished tiles,
For more than two nights have I heard cries vile;
Always erupting harshly when I am at school,
And following me home, turning life not worthwhile.

I have a hunch it's a demon, or just a shadeling at best,
But I think on of the other girls has cursed me as a test.

The tiles became angry, their speech more rapid.

So why come you here,
Weak and afraid?
Who says I will help you,
who has a debt still unpaid?

Think me you plain magic,
Not worthy of a prayer?
Well then go off you,
And find yourself a ghost-slayer.

The girl supplicated:

But please help me, aid me this fight,
For whatever curse I have screams into the night,
And makes me poor in friends and mind;
So I ask again you to help me…If it's all right.

The paint softened and swirled:

You remind me of a girl two years ago I had seen,
But she had succumbed to three girls quite ugly and mean.
Yet before she had gone, she had helped me quite so,
And so in her memory, helping you I shall go.

Run along now child, and work on your verse,
And come back tomorrow to remove thus your curse.

The paint solidified before the girl could thank her. And just in time too, for one of the female teachers had just walked in. Sarah quickly got up from the kneeling position she was in, ignoring the curious looks from the teacher as she washed her hands. She knew not what was to come, but she hoped for the best.

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