He had always been watching the scenery beside the window, but now his head has fallen off, no more scenery for him
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I saw breeze blowing through leaf slits, brushing by with sunlight outside the window. Children frolicked on the grass, stepping on morning sunlight, running in the fresh air. What are they doing? I laid on the edge of the window, wanting to see what. Yet they ran by the border of the window, vanishing from my only quadrilateral vision. I wanted to move my body, but in the end, I have given up and laid there just as always.

I saw a pair of couple leaning against each other under the tree, whispering to each other that I couldn't hear. Mottled tree shadows shone on them, putting on a piece of golden robe for them. The sky was blue and quiet, a few birds flying by occasionally, tweeting gently. I laid on the edge of the window, gradually becoming one with this peaceful sight. Just like immersing in warm water, I bathed in comfy warmth.

I saw a man walking by, stopped for a moment under the tree, then left in a hurry; he had a cellphone in his hands, haggard like a patient. Wind blew, sending his few words to me beside the edge of the window, along with his tone of grovelling. I laid beside the edge of the window, making guesses about the man's work.

I saw the sun hanging in the middle of the sky, and waited for it to submerge into the western horizon; I saw the moon climbing up from afar, and waited for it to slowly sink.

I had been laying quietly, watching quietly, nothing ever said, nothing ever moved.

I had laid for too long, seen too much people, and seen too much scenery, finally becoming tired of it. Therefore, I decided to gently move my body, away from the edge of the window.

First I moved my legs, lifting them up. But just when I moved, I found that my shanks were unable to support the weight of my feet. My feet stuck to the floor, some rotten flesh exposed from my worn out cloth shoes.

Then I moved my arms, they were malformed from being bear down by my body; I wanted to pull them out, but the only thing that came out was a few phalanges with maggots. The worms had drilled holes in it, and rotten flesh filled them.

Finally I turned my head, but it was too weak, such that it rolled off my spine onto the floor——

Which was unfortunate, as in the days to come, my eyes would only be staring at the wall in front.

I smiled, gazing at the torn wall.

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