Perhaps Destiny Lead You To This Page
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You look at your watch and sigh. You're going to be late. Again. All your friends we’re expecting you at the food court 15 minutes ago. You trot through the hallway, desperate to make up some lost time. But the Library being as expansive as it is, it’s gonna take a while.

Something catches your eye as you continue along. A solitary piece of paper pinned to a dusty bulletin board. The paper is tattered, worn, and weathered yellow, held to the wall by a rather sharp bookmark. It's an ancient and insignificant thing, yet you can't seem to look away.

What the hell, right? You're already late. Might as well take a look at it. You pull the pin out and take a closer look at the paper.


We’ve noticed a concerning amount of unusual events within our halls. Rest assured we are looking into these events, however, Patrons should still take heed to stay alert. Please notify your nearest Docent if you notice anything strange. Updates to the notice will be sent out as more reports come in. Thank you for your cooperation and have a wonderful day.

“Unusual events?” What's it talking about? You’ve stayed in the Library for years, and not once have you heard about anything weird happening. Or seen any of these notices from the staff before for that matter. You glance over the notice, looking at a few of the more prominent mentions on the list:

It seems some patrons of the library hunger for more than just knowledge. And this lil’ critter has an appetite big enough for everyone. A bit of ravenous mischief, follow Parcoon on his adventures to fill his tummy.

Ways allow travel to and fro across the multiverse. Everyone knows that. But there may be more to them than we were once aware. Be warned, there's danger and wonder around every corner. Follow one Waymancers' journey across the cosmos to see if he can find his ‘Way’ home.

Not all stories fit neatly on the shelves. But that doesn't mean they don't deserve to be told! What can be found here are some gifts, or just solo pieces that don't really connect to anything else going on.

Working yourself to death is overrated. But working after death is another matter. Just some stories you may eventually find about the overworked employees of the afterlife.

If you want to enjoy the Library, you should do it safely! These stories are your best bet to avoid getting sick in the Library.

Monsters get some bad reps as nothing more than rough and tough brutes. But look below the surface and you may find some truly thrilling stories!

You finish looking over the list and put the notice in your pocket. Maybe it was just destiny that you happened across this page. But something tells you there may be more additions to the notice in the future. Might be wise to keep an eye out for them as you go about your day-to-day from now on.

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