Photos From Another World
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Chapter 1

Duckunism and You; The Adventure to the Depths of the Sacred Religion.

2100 hours. September 15th 2034.

"Pardon? Is this a joke I am too uncultured to understand?"

"No, I am hundred percent serious. A Cult about two ducks is a thing."

"Oh god.."

Christopher never felt the willingness to ungovernably start cackling as much as he did now. The origin of this information is currently unknown, and is indefinitely false until proven otherwise - fortunately, Christopher has all the evidence needed. Anything can become a religion, including ducks. And today, Christopher is inviting Percy to a place where all of this was discovered. The extraterrestrial domain located on Planet NB30W, a fully evolved planet of itself taken by a religion, formerly walking upon planet Earth before their transference to NB30W.

Will it be worth all of this time just to let another soul witness true insanity-creativity? Yes, why? Because those bird lovers have dozens of potentially valuable technology and possibility of alliance with paratechnology companies. Some say they reached All-Natural Anas platyrhynchos1 Automatons operating for the purpose of religious labor, following with the forming of a splinter group revolving around a more modern type of Duck Religion.

"Excuse my ignorance, Chris, but was this really necessary for me to drop my work for just to hear about your young mind mumbling yet again? You are much better than this.", Percy definitely did not seem to buy it, and Christopher definitely did not expect him to - he would be clarified as an insane individual just like him. But this was not just pure mumbling, this was a discovery that could blow dozens of minds.

"Look, tomorrow morning, one of our squadrons will be using the ISV Daedalus Interstellar Research Vessel for extraterrestrial exploration. We will get on it and visit NB30W. If there won't be any duck religion, you can shoot me in the face, literally. Deal?"

"Whatever. I just want to get over with this bullcrap so I can get back to work.", The meeting soon ended, and Christopher grabbed his coat before moving back to the Research Sector 02|1. The day was coming to an end with a slow pace, while the Ducks gaze upon all traces of life to exist across the Milky Way. This is going to be a long run, and a potentially dangerous one nonetheless of how ridiculous it seems, those duck enthusiasts are not as friendly as they seem - very defensive indeed.

1200 hours. September 16th 2034.

Christopher made a petite knocking on the doorway to Percy's office, the other opening it while a sigh escaped his lips, a tired sigh, exhausted of the stupidity that he signed himself up for. "Well, are you ready? The Vessel is taking off in 15 minutes."

"Yes, yes I am ready. I'll catch up to you after grabbing some stuff from the office.", Christopher nodded as a reply and made his way towards the Hangar. Percy benignly took a sit at his desk, and resumed the recording that he paused during the knocking.

"My name is Doctor Percy Bedlington. It is approximately 1205 hours at the moment, September 16th, 2034. If this is the last recording, it means that Christopher was the reason for my decease. Today, I am flying to a whole other planet because Chris says that there is some duck religion he found out about from hell knows who; I knew that all those books he is reading with all of that non-existing metafictional crap would eventually make him insane. Anyway, Bedlington logging off.", Percy stopped the recording, closed his laptop and grabbed his coat. "God.. Chris, I really hope you will get out of this."

Percy grabbed his bag, put it over his shoulder and walked out of the office, closing the steel door after him.

1215 hours. September 16th 2034

Christopher sat down in the botanical area of the Interstellar Center, his eyes tracing through the pages of a book he grabbed from the Library that he accessed several days ago. A Simplistic, although mysteriously looking book contemplated around numerous religions that were properly discovered and researched in the 2300s. Percy just took a sit next to the one that drowned his mind into the pages of the book - tapping on his shoulder to get his attention. Christopher jumped out of pure agitation, before sighing with a shaking manner. "Ah, I'm sorry, I guess I was too focused on the book. Anyway, you're ready to get your mind blown? Because I am already preparing to say "I told you". You'll see that I am not a psyc-"

"I get it. Shush, now. I want this trip to end as soon as possible, I really am not in the mood to hear your mumbling.", Bedlington swept his hand in indignation, before standing up, dusting himself off and walking to the cafeteria for some coffee. Christopher shut the book, wrapped his arms around it and laid his back down on the natural grass. What if there is indeed no religion about ducks? What if this was all a waste of time, and once Percy will find out about it he will never want to see Chris again?

Bedlington soon got back to the botanical area, before handing a cup of balmy, soothing coffee with the flavor that Chris favors the most, to the other. "Thank you, Percy. Listen, my apologies for dragging you to that place, but I was just very determined to show you how bizarre all this is. Plus, those are ducks, man ‐ ducks are great."

"You have a very big imagination, Christopher. But I'll let you slide this time, don't disappoint me kid. I did not come all this way just to witness some random, regular planet."

"Did you know that there is a very minor cult around a member of the Procyon lotor2 family?"

"I am going back to the cafeteria.", both of the men tittered while beginning to stand up. "Chris, lay off those books. Read something actually teaching. Where did you get it anyway?"

"Just a library, just a random Library.", Christopher gazed at Percy with the most unimpeachable assertion he could show. Percy leisurely bowed his head, before making his way around the Vessel. It should not take much time to get to Planet NB30W, but it certainly will not be quick.

Meanwhile; Chris got ahold of the book yet again, now opening a new chapter.
Duckunism and Duckaturgy.

Thaumaturgy has been a part of presence since the Three Holders of Death brought birth to the Tree of Knowledge. it has been used by religion across the lands during The Era of Gods neverending times, and is still used in the Modern Aeon - most notably by Ortothan Groups, committing sacrifices of their own purified blood to the individual deity they currently worship, Rakmou-Leusan, in order to keep them alive and well.

The most major act of usage of Thaumaturgy occurred in MDCCCLXXX (1880s) as a backlash of the German Republic demolishing a demiurge majorly related to Thaumaturgy, bringing to the biggest Thaumaturgical Backlash yet. That has resulted in dozens after dozens of humane casualties; since then, each Normalcy Preservation Organization and National Paranormal Agency understood how badly it can result if something as this would be carried out without proper preparation and fortification yet again.

Duckunistic Religion was never an exception to the usage of Thaumaturgy, and that is why it is very notable across artifacts retrieved by Archeologists of the Jailers, Executioners and the Serpents. Flat Thaumaturgy was used by the Eldritch Goose during rituals given to Prime Kudmirals for the giveaway of Immortality and "Spiritual Freedom", resulting in the mysterious usage of Ways travelling done by Prime Kudmirals into parallel multidimensional continuums.

Lighter Goose used Sharp Thaumaturgy for the growth of lands in the The Era of Gods that belonged to the Duckunistic Religion, at the time going by "Canvasbism". Eldritch Goose has taught the members of the Canvasbistic Religion to utilize Thaumaturgy for safeguarding. as Eldritch is the embodiment of instinct and war among Duckunism, Proto-Canvasbists are usually monitored with suspiciousness and major preparation before interaction.

2030 hours. September 16th 2034

"Christopher. Christopher. Chris! Wake up."

Chris abruptly swept his head towards Percy that was currently trying to bring his mind back to an awaken state. Christopher fell asleep and unfortunately missed lunch, albeit that was the reason for Percy to interrupt the deepened siesta that Chris had taken - Dinner was ready in the cafeteria, but nonetheless of how empty was the Christopher's stomach, he did not feel hungry. "I will come eventually, just give me a few more minutes.", Christopher replied with the most debilitated tone one can hear. There is a chance Christopher caught an indisposition, but that is not a fact and could potentially be differently.

"You sure? You seem worn-out. Are ya sick all of a sudden?", Bedlington clemently placed the palm of his hand on Christopher's forehead, but did not seem to feel any heat strokes; It was mildly warm temperature, as expected from a healthy individual.

"No. I am fine. Just tired. Go away, please." Christopher replied before covering his head with the blanket that he slept beneath. Percy swiftly nodded while standing up from the edge of the bed, getting out of the door to Christopher's bedroom and closing it after him. 'I really hope you are okay, kiddo.'

Chris shortly after uncovered his head from the mellow blanket, steadily taking a sit on the edge of the bed. He grabbed the glass of water that Percy placed on the table near the bed before starting waking Chris up - Taking a prolonged swill of the fluid in the glass. The glass shattered as soon as C̷̹̉͂͝h̷͇̏ṙ̸̝͓͊̒i̵̦̤͈̅š̸͓̯͝ẗ̷͉̫͈́̈̏ṗ̷̙̤ͅh̸͍̹̘̐͝ȩ̸̡̒̽̆r̸̬̭̱̈́͒'̴̆ leaned it down, and a wide grin appeared on his face.

"I am coming, Lords."

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