Picturepalooza Contest
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The Picturepalooza has ended, all the images have been rehomed (more or less), and the winners have emerged unscathed! Congratulations to:

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Everyone knows the Library for the vast array of texts in the shelves, but oft overlooked are the illustrations, tucked away on embossed hardcovers and in between pages. Pictures can be what brings a story to life — offering a visual to the mind's eye, letting patrons imagine ideas that they would otherwise never have seen. But in the Library, the pictures and pictographs that inhabit the books can have a mind of their own. They think, they speak, they have feelings and desires — and sometimes, they move. Every so often, pictures that are unhappy in their story of residence will elect to leave, hoping the legions of authors in the Library will be kind enough to craft them the new homes they desire. Of course, our generous Patrons are more than happy to oblige — aren't you?

Final Rankings

Place Title Author Ranking Received Their Image From
1 Requiems of the Harbinger YossipossiYossipossi 39 Maxyfran 73
2 Heavensbane LAN 2DLAN 2D 27 Tyumen
2 Rust meltedbeemeltedbee 27 Entro_P
3 Four Misconceptions Regarding the Transcendental Clusterminds of the Uppermost Datasphere MontagueETCMontagueETC 26 Entro_P
4 Inspiration Module Snapdragon133Snapdragon133 25 Crow-Cat
4 The Samsa Generator Maxyfran73Maxyfran73 25 LAN 2D
4 With Rigging of Gold and a Sky Like Wine Stygian BlueStygian Blue 25 Ellie3
5 A Disease of the Flesh VishardshVishardsh 23 Nils Severin
5 Me, My Sword, and I Crow-CatCrow-Cat 23 VoxSomniator
6 It's A Bridge Entro_PEntro_P 21 fairydoctor
6 The Field of Strange Ships aismallardaismallard 21 lzhoudidion
7 Hazy Elegies From the West Ward Window, 1969 lzhoudidionlzhoudidion 19 chamik
7 To Salt the Earth With Tears of Jesus Din-BidorDin-Bidor 19 Nyelo
8 Slain in Ailech, without Blemish Sobek109Sobek109 18 Linkinbrick
8 The Roses of Labro LinkinbrickLinkinbrick 18 Sobek109
9 A Thankful Signal to the Maker UtylikeUtylike 17 Yossipossi
10 100.000 BC GuaireGuaire 16 SunnySundays
11 City of Clocks NotAnOligarchNotAnOligarch 13 HeWhoSpeaksInFeet
12 For You, The World Voidless_7Voidless_7 11 Utylike
12 Wrong Way VoxSomniatorVoxSomniator 11 Harowcal
13 Wreckage by the Sea NyeloNyelo 6 Maxyfran73
14 Black White Dust JackyfudgeJackyfudge 5 Tyumen
15 Pathway and Corridor RigenRigen 0 aismallard
15 Sentient AI dr nepalwaladr nepalwala 0 PinkHatPinkJeans
15 Two Rabbits fairydoctorfairydoctor 0 Vishardsh
16 To see blue sky again DoctorSeldonDoctorSeldon -3 AvocadoMilk
17 Xylem Hill: Chapter 1 HeWhoSpeaksInFeetHeWhoSpeaksInFeet -6 Snapdragon133
18 The Start and the End of the Tunnel Phantom_AcePhantom_Ace -11 DoctorSeldon

Additional Awards

These are some fun novelty awards we decided to cook up. They don't really mean or affect anything, so don't worry too much about 'em.

First Time Format

"Wrong Way" by VoxSomniator

Quickest Title Drop

"Its A Bridge" by Entro_P

Throwback Award

"Me, My Sword, and I" by Crow-Cat

Best Image Integration

"The Samsa Generator" by Maxyfran73
"A Thankful Signal to the Maker" by Utylike

Suffering From Success (Longest Entry)

"To Salt the Earth with Tears of Jesus" by Din-Bidor

LEFT LEFT LEFT LEFT (Most Hidden Text)

"With Rigging of Gold and a Sky Like Wine" by Stygian Blue

The Other Entry About A Satellite

"Inspiration Module" by Snapdragon133

Staff Picks

ROUNDERHOUSE — "A Disease of the Flesh" by Vishardsh
Snapdragon133 — "City of Clocks" by NotAnOligarch
UncertaintyCrossing — "The Field of Strange Ships" by aismallard

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