Places the Mind Cannot Go
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Where are you?

I could see you, not long ago. You were right here, with me. I could see you. I could see you laugh, and cry, and see things yourself. You were right here.

Where did you go?

It was so nice when you were here. Everything was about you. Everything was your voice, your thoughts, your struggles and achievements. Remember that time you tried to pour a glass of milk, and missed three times, and the whole counter was drenched?

Do you? Can you still remember things, wherever you went to?

Does it hurt there? Do you still sing, there? Is there emotion? Deceit? Betrayal? Sadness? Is there anything else?

I wonder if you have any way of even knowing.

What will happen to me now? It was so clear with you. I existed, and you existed, and we gave each other meaning. You created me. You didn’t know, but I adored you still. You didn’t even know I existed.

Do you remember… when you were young, and Billy Jameson said all those mean things to you? You cried and cried for minutes and minutes, and it hurt. That was my first memory. I came into this world hurting, but it was okay, because I knew you were here. I knew some things as soon as I became. I could feel, and hurt, and smile, because you were here.

That was when you made me. You needed someone to share the pain, so I did. You needed something to take the pain.

I loved you. Did you love me back? I know I never saw you think it, but did you really know about me? Did you have thoughts I couldn’t hear?

I remember… I remember when you used to hold me at night. Just hold me. It was just you and me, and you whispered to me. I kept you safe from the monsters. That's what I was for. I loved you, and protected you, even when you threw me away and made more to replace me. I still loved you, and watched over you. Always.

If you did love me… did you love the others too? I guess it doesn’t matter now. They’re not here anymore. Soon I won’t be either.

It’s just me now.

Where did you go?

Why didn’t you bring me?

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