What's Your Ineffable Style?
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The following is taken from September/October issue of PlanasTEEN Magazine, p. 27. The original copy of the magazine may be found in the South-by-Southeastern Wing, Section Alef, Subsection Theta, Row 458, Shelf 26.

Which Of The Nameless Sovereigns Is Your Fashion Twin?

Without a true name to hold them back, the Nameless Sovereigns make waves with their juicy fashion choices, setting trends and shaping the cosmos! But which sovereign's style should you steal? Take this quiz to find out!

1) The fashion decade I would most like to revisit would be
a) The 48190's (B.C.E.). The little charms made with ocre and stone were so deliciously pitiful!
b) The eons before there was time to be counted and dissected
c) 1980's (C.E.) For the sense of despair and wretched excess! Also, I just kill in neon!
d) 74130's (G.C.E.) Ant-like conformity and fading into the background? Yes, please!
e) The past is dead; there is nothing to be learned from it!

2) If I was trapped in a non-Euclidian dimension, the fashion accessory I couldn't live without would be
a) A good belt-sander.
b) Aviator sunglasses.
c) My previous moltings.
d) My scarf of ever-shifting design
e) A symphony rendered in horse-hide.

3) It's time for a pool party and I'm in charge of tunes. The sweet beats I drop are
a) Inscrutable to the human ear.
b) The fanfares of once-great houses.
c) That dance music all you kids are listening to today.
d) "Cotton-Eye Joe" for a continuous 8-hour loop.
e) Radio signals reaching earth from outer space.

4) My sure-fire method for getting the attentions of that cute boy/girl/tetrahedron is
a) Engulfing him with my multi-hinged jaws.
b) Breeding is disgusting and only begets more life.
c) Coating him in my viscous, corrosive mucous.
d) Pretending that s/j/he's dying and coming to their rescue.
e) Flirt with him from across the room.

5) Which of these cuties would you want to spot shirtless?
a) The entirety of the Magi, incorporated into a single form.
b) Befthar the Unmade Whole.
c) Dmir the Undying.
d) Tsar Alexander XII.
e) Robert Patterson.

6) Time to hit the beach! For reading, I bring
a) Something that will attract a hunky boy, like the Voynich Manuscript
b) Nothing. I will write a story and then burn it.
c) Whatever's the #1 bestseller!
d) A phone-book of my own devising.
e) Burke's On The Claʃʃification Of The Unʃeen Orders.

7) If I could go on a shopping spree with anyone, it would be
a) Helena Blavatsky. She doesn't let the grave stop her, and neither do I!
b) An 800-kg mass of anti-matter.
c) A fellow human female, preferably one full of fluids and supple organs.
d) Jamie Darbew-7e. Her 28th century fashion sense is just great!
e) The Westward South. The ever-shifting spectrum is a great fashion inspiration!

Which of the Nameless Sovereigns Is Your Fashion Twin?
If you chose mostly A)

Your fashion twin is Pinyin Si!
You don't let your lack of a body get in the way of your endless fashion sense! You veil yourself in concepts unknowable and unnameable, like a true diva. For a great pick-me-up, try something in autumn or apprehension!

If you chose mostly B)

Your fashion twin is She-Who-Sings-Night!
You rock the retro! Just like She-Who-Sings-Night seeks to unravel the fabric of reality and return herself to nothing, you spice up your look with a playful hint of the 70's. This summer, try clothing yourself in the lines of a dispersed community and a pair of bellbottoms!

If you chose mostly C)

Your fashion twin is Emma Stone!
Timeless, cute, and classy: that's you! You're a fungus for all seasons and your fashion sense shows it. Like you, Emma waits in her deathless blattodean prison, eternal but always fashionable. This hoar-season, you should definitely pick up a faux-thylacine fur coat.

If you chose mostly D)

Your fashion twin is the Shivering Veil
The Shivering Veil doesn't let lying between what may be known and what may never be known get in the way of its sporty fashion sense, and neither do you! Wrap your feet with blueprints or a new pair of tennis shoes!

If you chose mostly E)

Your fashion twin is Shaloua, the Silent Herald
You’ve got an edgy street style. You’re not afraid to rock bold looks like crazy colors or new body forms. You’re adventurous with your fashion sense and, like Shaloua, you're never afraid to try new things! For a great DIY look, take the future of an unformed world and sew it with a wolve's flaxen hair for a wild-looking skirt!

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