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To write a poem is to delve within,
To explore the depths of your soul, begin.
To find the words that perfectly fit,
And create a masterpiece, bit by bit.

With a pen in hand, and paper in sight,
You set out on a journey, with all your might.
To find the rhythm, the beat, the flow,
And let your emotions, freely show.

It's a journey of passion, of love and of pain,
Of memories cherished, and ones that wane.
A journey that leads to self-discovery,
To unlocking your heart, and sharing your story.

You play with words, you twist and you turn,
Till every phrase, every line, begins to burn.
With the fire of creativity, you craft your art,
And express the language that's in your heart.

Sometimes the words, they come with ease,
And other times, they seem to tease.
But with patience and perseverance, you find your way,
And the words begin to flow, like a river at play.

When the poem is done, you sit back and sigh,
For you've created something that's meant to fly.
To touch the hearts of others, to inspire and uplift,
To bring a spark, a cheer, or paradigm shift.

Take up your pen, and let your soul be free,
For writing a poem is a journey, you see.
A journey of discovery, of hope, and of grace,
A journey that leaves a lasting trace.

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