Poems For My Daughter
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“People grieve in all sorts of ways. Some cry, some drink, some just stop and wait for the grief to pass. Some grieve in healthy ways, some grieve in unhealthy ways. Some grieve in traditional ways, while others have ways of grieving wholly their own… This fit of writing is my grief.”


Why am I suddenly stressed?
Maybe it’s just time marching on.
What am I supposed to be doing?
It’s a question I’ve asked for so long.

Do I want to write something funny?
Do I want to write something sad?
How do I control my emotions?
Am I even really a dad?

I can’t keep writing,
I have tears in my eyes.
My soul is screaming
As I stare into the skies.
I keep on looking,
And I can’t describe why.

I know she loves me.

So why did she die?

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