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Just got kicked out of The Red Spaniel for trying to pay in white value souls. So what if it takes 1000 of them to be worth anything meaningful - they're legal tender, aren't they?
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3:15 AM · Today



Souls are souls - this isn't a case of bad paper. You expect us not to make use of the fucking madness going on in the Upper Houses? We should be celebrating! And what better way to celebrate than at a casino? Should this keep up, I'll take my business elsewhere.
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3:17 AM · Today



Expect a formal legal complaint coming your way, ⁂TRS_Casino. You have no right to be turning away those who have supported you for so long. I, amongst others, are outraged.
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3:19 AM · Today


The Red Spaniel

Thank you for your continued support - these coming weeks are definitively times to celebrate! That being said, we hear all of your ⁂Anonymous complaints. We are aware of the influx in white value souls, but ask that casino-goers please go to their local bank to get souls exchanged. We can not handle the current inflation rates, but are still willing to serve entities from here to the Breezeway.
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3:25 AM · Today

Return Address:
200 Shatterstone Way,
City of a Thousand Cries, Sector 3, House Ten.

Send to:
Customer Complaint Division
The Red Spaniel Casino
In the Heart of House Ten


Dear The Red Spaniel Resort and Casino,

This past week, I visited your establishment with hopes of spending my newfound souls given recent events in the Upper Houses. While the majority of these souls collected are, admittedly, white value souls given the circumstances of their demises, they are still considered legal tender and can be used to purchase goods.

Unfortunately, despite that fact, your staff turned me away because counting hundreds of white value souls in order to verify that I had spent enough to purchase a meal was a 'waste of time' and would 'hold up others waiting for their meals.' While I can, perhaps, sympathize with this slightly, I am still disappointed that service was denied and that you all are turning away funds.

To resolve this problem, I would appreciate if you had more dialogue with your customers, or found ways to accept our hundreds of white value souls. They are still worth something to your establishment, are they not? Souls are souls as they say.

I look forward to your reply and a resolution to the problem me, and many other customers, are having. I am willing to wait to hear back, but know that other customers will be seeking more… violent options soon. Please contact me by sending a letter back to the address attached.




boss, things r not good rn
customers r not happy

I'm aware.

we have no more room to store low value souls.
what r we gonna do?

Do you still have Boriak's contact info?

the dude with the dumb "gluttonwhisperer" title?


it should be in records - should i put a call in?

Yes. Have Records send me his info. I'll handle it.

u got it boss


I am in need of your services again.

I'm sure you're aware of the Upper House events. The casino is suffering due to inflation. Ironic, isn't it? Creatures of greed running the place's finances but we're in over our heads with the amount of white value souls pouring in. It really is a shame so many humans died suddenly - a bit more suffering in the end of times and we wouldn't be having this issue.

Speaking of, I doubt the humans are going to fix this, so I'm certain this problem will resolve itself over time. The more they struggle, the higher value they are after all. But in the meantime, my customers are frantic, and I need solutions now. I'm planning to use my savings for the moment, but if you would be a dear and use your Cultivators to grow me some better souls, you can be sure you will be rewarded handsomely.

I've placed my order form in the envelope. Standard rates for the standard orders, but expect some tips for the specialty ones. If you want to discuss prices for yellow value souls, you know how to reach me.

The Spaniel.

Item Description Quantity
Red Standard Order. 10,000
Blue Standard Order. 5,000
Grey Standard Order. 2,500
Green Would like some that don't rot as quickly this time around. 1,000
Orange Standard Order. 500
Black Are you really sure you don't have any Cultivators that don't use foul smelling slime? 250
Pink Standard Order. 100
Purple Standard Order. 50
Yellow If you can cultivate any of these, I'll be in your debt. X


The Red Spaniel

Hello valued customers! We are pleased to announce that we now have soul conversion stations within the Casino itself! While white value souls will still not be allowed anywhere other than the slot machines, we hope that these conversion areas mean you will still enjoy spending time within The Red Spaniel and will make use of all our amenities.
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6:66PM · Today



What a quick turn around time. This is why House Ten is my favorite place to visit! Nice job ⁂TRS_Casino, thank you for listening to your customers!
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8:06 PM · Today



Wow, gotta hand it to ⁂TRS_Casino for finding a solution so quickly. Definitely saves me a trip to the bank. You have my thanks!
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8:13 PM · Today



Huh, I do wonder how they found a solution so quickly. But whatever, it's party time, isn't it? Drinks on me for the next hour!
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8:20 PM · Today

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