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I am Polari, eldest child of Winter
I was born just after the dawn of time
I will die mere moments before the world itself
I have been locked in rivalry with my brother from the time of his birth
I hate him
I desire nothing so much as his complete destruction

I am Polari, the long arctic night
Summer came to me during the last autumn
Promising me my sibling’s end
In return they required me to step beyond our world
Into the place where I would find the knowledge they sought

I am Polari, night given shape
In that place I searched through forbidden tomes
I found that which Summer sought
The power to reign forever

I am Polari, the pillar of smoke
Summer says that when they sit the throne, my brother will be undone
Now I wait for spring to end

I am Polari, the darkened sky
So long have I patiently waited

I am Polari, The Black Midday

-Excerpt from Mónos’s First Collection of Cantripped Poetry and Seasonal Psychopomp Rituals.

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