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as quiet as a candle burning here long

as snowy, as simple white street in the fog

a photograph reddened, quiet your song

on a dead nickel string or on granite top

a snare drum rattles and the tin heater hums

jar full of jewelry when trashman comes

the gas tank we painted who one day broke down

at desert at night the dumb kids get gone

tattoo on your leg from when you were young

in the forest, three baby birds in the brush

shed all their feathers and skin came right off

quiet came also, its hands were of God's

and as white shine southeast, up came the sun

and silver cat follows me back on a walk

honeyed kids movie i must've put on

inhale came first, to exhale i come

no silence but quiet, to see you here lost

gentle my heart, sweet is the sound

once we were spoken; now we are found

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