Renmar's Cat Tree
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Renmar in absolute disbelief.

Renmar is not available for adoption, has already been neutered thank you very much, and refuses any inedible chips.

She has lived in the library far longer than any cat you've ever known has been alive, having floated out of a book and into the stacks.

Do not comment on her floofiness. She knows. Please provide some original commentary if you must do any at all.

Approach Renmar only if you are prepared to spend at least half an hour stroking her tail. Any less is an act of extreme disrespect.

Nobody has found her litter box and it's unwise to try. Too many have been lost to the search already.

Scraps harvested from Renmar's tree.

Of Cabbages and Kings - The first recorded work on the Kingdom of Elrich and associated sovereigns.

The Golden Goats - An encyclopedic entry detailing goats suitable for a kitchen.

From the Crown Press - Fresh off the presses and into some microfilm.

Stars - Peer fearfully towards the stars, lest their burning gaze fall upon thee.

On Sea Pigeons - Another encyclopedic animal entry of Elrich.

Walking Among the Tree Flowers - Whoever thought a stump would matter?

Renmar - A fable of wizard and cat.

Asphalmancer - Modern magic for practical parking.

Broken Vows - How many altars will we run away from?

Days Gone By - Even when the clock stops, you can't stop the sundown forever.

Terry Mastiff's Guide to Canomancy - A guide for wizarding canines.

Elrichian Almanac - Another encyclopedic entry, Clinton currently theorizes they came from one tome.

Forgotten - An Archive story about what dwells deep within the Library's guts.

I Will Throw Open The Doors - Hospitality died when the world did.

Inscriptions Or Marginalia - *scribbling noises*

We Lords Of Ancient Worlds - Even gods may perish, and generational talent take up their mantle.

Trivialities - What really matters here?

Vendetta - Can you tell that I'm planning pre-venge?

Kicker Of Elves - Just doing a job, and a people understanding.

A Brief History Of Stairs - Invention and machinery aren't always the way forward.

My Mummy Brings The Groceries - You shouldn't take the little things for granted.

If You Sucked Blood, I'd Be Your Bud - Friendship can conquer even immortal undead curses.


Twerk Witches - Seriously?

I Cannot Understand U - It's time u and i hd a tlk…

It's Good To Be Awake Again - Passing up the building, seeing our reflections.

And the sound upon the roof is only water... - When the rain falls down without my help?

Almost Eldritch - But not quite.

AKA Driver - I can't imagine anything less interesting.

Great Cowbird - How great is it, really?

When The Stars Were Not As Busy - Old endings, new beginning.

A Horse Has Divorce Of Course Of Course

Citizen's Report - Come out to pray?

Works to be Sorted
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