Rocks to Rockets
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To: Amnesiac Me
From: Dead Me

Hey idiot, the save thingy on the replicator broke. Which means you don’t remember anything past teleporting to this planet, puking your guts out, hitting the button, and waking up gooey and confused. Then you followed your sixth sense until you found our magic journal and (most likely) our previous body. If that accurately sums up your circumstance, please go to the list below, scratch out the previous me, and jot down the method of death if you know it. Then add yourself to the list.

Testu #1
Tried to fight a nuclear meltdown with a fire extinguisher.
Testu #2
Got lost in the view.
Testu #3
Currently kicking.

I know you don’t remember anything that we’ve learned since we got here, so for the sake of our survival I’ll jot it all down in a list. Make sure to add anything you learn after this because (lets face it) we'll be doing all of this again at some point.

  • You’re stranded on an alien planet with only a humanoid replicator, your wits, and whatever primitive devices we've cobbled together so far.
  • Your goal is to make a new spacecraft with a warp core and get out. I don’t know how far along we’ve gotten since last time, but now it’s on you to continue.
  • Make a new replicate as soon as possible. If you die before the machine can finish it then it's all over.
  • This planet has no large moons, the seasons will be extreme.
  • The spring water is drinkable, but hot.
  • There’s clay by the spring. Cross-Diamond pots are still in fashion.
  • That statue of Ucello by the house is for protection. Or just homesickness. Take it as you will.
  • We've marked some copper in the hills if you're tired of those brittle knives.
  • Sand-scorpion and seaweed soup makes a good snack. The recipe should be in a margin somewhere.
  • The black trees make the best charcoal, just don't taste the sap.
  • Keep track of the sky. We're a long way from rockets but we need to know what other planets are here.
  • Finally, be entertaining. Good chance some Library patron is already looking through this. Yes, that means you.

Entries in the Journal of Testu-Yuteskon (So Far)

Entry 1 - Rocks

Entry 2 - Trees

Entry 3 - Water

Entry 4 - Memories

Entry 5 - Spirits

Entry 6 - Sunset

Entry 7 - Death

Entry 8 - Soup

Entry 9 - Copper

Entry 10 - Burning

Entry 11 - Stars

Entry 12 - Names

Entry 13 - Traps

Entry 14 - Sweets

Entry 15 - Lore

Entry 16 - Storm

Entry 17 - Floorplan

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