Scavenger Hunt Contest
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The Library contains every book that was ever written, will be written, and many that never were. It's a treasure trove of knowledge, the only one of its kind the multiverse.

Unfortunately, a catalogue of that magnitude means finding things becomes a bit… difficult. The minds of the Archivists are branded with the details and location of every book at any time, but that kind of knowledge comes at a cost too high for most mortals. Some say the Library likes to lead people to what they're looking for, but it also likes to see people put in the effort to seek out some of the rarer tomes.

That's where you come in.

When many Wanderers notice a lack of titles for a specific section, a Scavenger Hunt is called. All Wanderers are encouraged and rewarded for doing the exhaustive task of finding new tomes for that section, pulling them from inside the Library and out, from forgotten shelves and burned out ruins.

The season culminates in a 6 day frenzy. The Huntsmaster will put the name of one of the more lacking sections in the Main Hall, and patrons are given 48 hours to find the best entry for that section they can. Three sections, 144 hours, and an infinitude of possibilities.

Better get hunting, Wanderer.


Theme 1


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Theme 1 Entries

From the Journals of Agent Hopper: Home Bittersweet Home (or Free as a Bird), found by Nykacolaquantum
Visviseha, found by Impperatrix
A City Wrought of Silken Thread, found by Tyumen
The Multi Unitraversal, found by Snapdragon133
Far Places, found by Dappermancer
Visiting the Lake, found by swampyyy
Idolatry, found by Din-Bidor
Pareidolia, found by (user deleted)
Standing Stones - An Unhistory of Halloway, found by SheaPM
Daddy Is My Superhero, found by JakdragonX
The Black Hole File, found by ZeroMan
Goodbye, Great Gargagol, found by RockTeethMothEyes
Rough Sleeper, found by Modulum
Made A Little Playhouse In Your Soul, found by Pedagon
Madame Deja Velough's Spell For Seeing Forgotten Cities, found by TheRiceandCake
A Visit, found by Calibold
Findings from the Excavation of New York City, found by Captain Kirby
My Island, found by aismallard
Hayec-Davm and the Forgetting Plague, found by Indices
A Guide to England's Railway Stations: Orlington, found by Dysadron
Fata Morgana, found by Elenee FishTruck
Descent Into The Necropolis of Atun-Katur, found by Sebarus
coldcircuit, found by etoisle
Walking Dead Paths, found by MalyceGraves
The Eyes In The Dark, found by BrokenOrdinance
Tattered Remains, found by CelesteKara
Skyless Heaven, found by Rigen
Tales From the Marsh: Morgue City Shuffle, found by CadaverCommander
Paper Town, found by Ellie3
Beer, Guns, Zombies and Madness, found by lulatred
A Quick Visit, found by LittleFieryOne
Snakes in the Ruins, found by Malvarik1
Nekra Myrminkia (Dead Ants), found by Draven Addams
We Did Not Fall In A Day, found by Arbiter_Darkness
I often think of the City; I often think of it when I am thinking of you., found by carolynn ivy
The Greater City of Lesser Athens, found by Fish Salad
Philae 436, found by Reasonably Psychotic
Excerpts From An Architectural Book, found by Thick Soup
Nearer, My Death, to Thee, found by UncertaintyCrossing
Leaving Havana, found by Uncle Nicolini
Walls of Glass, found by FoxBeregan
Memories Of The Past, found by weizhong
A Legend Found Scrawled in the Margins of Edith Hamilton's Auto-Biography, found by Sonderance
The City Of Neverwere, found by YellowISlol
Starlight On Steel, found by Oboebandgeek99

Theme 2

Alien Invasion

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Theme 2 Entries

Interplanetary Colonization, found by Lt Flops
True Disciple, found by Calibold
WIW S3 e11, found by Dysadron
They See Right Through You, found by Pedagon
Past the Witching Hour, found by UncertaintyCrossing
Lost World, found by CelesteKara
Foreign Concepts, found by ZeroMan
Burning Memories, found by Cyvstvi
Mirrorman, found by minmin
Thus Spoke Enoch, found by Seraphannim
The Other Cometh, found by MalyceGraves
Another Brigaded Memory, found by YellowISlol
An Excerpt from "Areian Diaspora - In Their Own Words: Now Fully Annotated by Famed Areiopologist Edith Hamilton IV", found by Sonderance
From The Earth Itself, found by Dappermancer
Cells, found by carolynn ivy
My Thoughts Are Not My Own, found by JakdragonX
Falling, found by SheaPM
Interstellitigation, found by margssentif
Aliens In America, found by Uncle Nicolini
Beer, Guns, Aliens and Sadness, found by lulatred
Snakes in Space, found by Malvarik1
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, found by Draven Addams
What are we to a Genius Loci, if not Aliens?, found by Nykacolaquantum
Stone to Bind, found by (user deleted)
The Contrary Traveler's Story, found by Indices
A Quiet Invasion, found by Thick Soup
The City From Afar, found by weizhong
Mandilus 48d, found by Reasonably Psychotic
A Cold Moon Sets On The Shelves, found by Sebarus
The Sleep and his Six Children, found by Impperatrix

Theme 3

Peculiar Purchases

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Theme 3 Entries

Price Check On A Darling Duelist, found by do_the_right_thing
Letter Found After A Credit Card Purchase, found by Uncle Nicolini
Lognagh Pier Market, found by (user deleted)
The Apple Salesman, found by Tyumen
Rememberance, found by Thick Soup
Snakes in Debt, found by Malvarik1
The Price Of Paradise, found by weizhong
The Self-Appraising Shop, found by Indices
I'll Take You to the Parashops, found by Lt Flops
General Store, found by carolynn ivy
I Purchased a Story, found by Dysadron
The Worth of a Soul, found by MalyceGraves
an ageusic vintner’s panegyric, found by Indices
The Musician's Cat, found by Din-Bidor
Working Overtime, found by ZeroMan
Items, Purchases, and Other Oddities Gathered by Agent Hopper on His Travels, as Catalogued by Archivist Silvia Haven (Abridged), found by Nykacolaquantum
ferryman, found by minmin
Poker Chips, found by UncertaintyCrossing
"On Accompanying My Mother to the Areian Festival of Asterion (at the Age of Nine)" by Edith Hamilton V, found by Sonderance
Ettot the Barbarian's Perilous Dragon-Slaying Adventure!, found by Draven Addams
Gaining Purchase, found by margssentif
Remnant Of Another Future, found by Calibold
it's okay, found by UraniumEmpire
(1) New Voicemail, found by JakdragonX
In Spring, found by CelesteKara
Beer, Guns, Capitalists and Greatness, found by lulatred
Morty's Meat & Munchies, found by Impperatrix

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