Sedna V. Ataciara the Qaqulluk
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House of the Tuurngait
The Trial Court, Family Disputes Division
Division Docket No Mo-84945-DH43
Probate and Family Court Department

Sedna_, Plaintiff V. Defendant: Ataciara the Qaqulluk_

1. Plaintiff's current residence is: The Heart of the Sea Ice_.

Was lawfully married to the defendant who now resides at: The Isle of the Howling Winds off the northern coast of Attu___.

2. The parties were married at: The House of Sedna's Father, Attu Island on The Day of Coldest Dawn___,

The couple last lived together on: The day the seals came to be___.

3. The minor or dependent child(ren) of this marriage is/are (additional space available on reverse side):

The blood of my blood. The warm ones who disturb the cold sea. The great ones who do not weep. The small ones who dart beneath the ice. Those who slice the meat of the deep. Those who crack shells on their stomachs. Those who wander. Those who crawl. Those who float and dive._

4. Plaintiff certifies that no previous action for divorce, annulment or affirmation of marriage, separate support, desertion, living apart for justifiable cause, or custody of child(ren) has been brought by either party against the other except:

The howls of indignation that my lover Dog shouted into the sky. They were echoed by his kin in solidarity. Sila did not heed them, for it is indifferent and ineffable. The shaman tried but he could not make Sila heed. None could.

5. On or about: The first of spring_, the defendant:

Revealed his deception! For he was not a man and great hunter as he claimed. He was a fulmar, a creature of the air and sky in the skin of a man. He carried me up to his nest and there fed me raw fish in howling winds. I cried out for my pain was great and he cackled in delight for he had stolen himself a prize of a woman. The flock delighted at my plight and danced on the wind in mockery of my misery.

6. Wherefore, plaintiff requests that the Court:
grants a divorce: As swiftly as you flew to watch my fingers be severed.___

Grant plaintiff custody of the above-named child(ren): For they are not his children.___

Prohibit defendant from imposing any restraint on plaintiff's personal liberty: For he has no dominion over me.___

Orders a suitable amount for support of the plaintiff and/or the above-named child(ren) with suitable provision for health
insurance: I need nothing of his. Let him fly over the deep. Let his children swim. Let them fear what lurks below. Let them feed my subjects and children.___

Orders conveyance of the real estate located at: Keep your rock. I will wear it down in time.
Currently held in the name of: Ataciara the Qaqulluk_,
Registered and officiated by: Raven, Maker of All who carved into the bones of the Earth, and was witnessed by the stars.___

The court allows the plaintiff to resume former name of: I have adopted my own name and you do not hold it.___

Date: The first breakage of the ice__

Final Notes:

I will see you in the end. I need not hands to enact my justice on either you or my father.__

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